Full Taylormade Fitting: Reynold’s Plantation | THE KINGDOM

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Height: 5'8
Weight: 150 lbs
Age: 17
Grade: 12 (Senior Year)
Graduating: 2017
University: Drexel University (Philadelphia, USA)
Email: angelogiant13@gmail.com

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Blake L says:

How did you get sponsored?

Leo Burger says:

I would not wanna be one of those balls???

shane haggerty says:

can't wait to see you go pro on TV man, keep up the grind!

Afrowhiteman says:

wow.. this makes me wish i put more effort into golf when i was younger.

Station 2Station says:

How do they cure the epoxy so fast on your woods? Tour Van epoxy dries fast but not THAT fast. Thanks for the video.

Nick M says:

I went from a super forgiving callaway iron with uniflex shaft when I was just starting out last year to psi tours with s300 shafts that I just got and noticed similar differences, more height, more spin, less distance… and wayyyy less forgiving. Wouldn't recommend them to anyone higher than a 5-6 handicap. Although I'm a 7 and obviously the irons relates more directly to your iron play and not handicap. But those 750's are beautiful

JHaslip says:

Angelo, any reason you switched ball positions when you switched drivers? Noticed with your original one it was around the left heel, then all of a sudden you played it in the middle of the stance. Due to a stiffer shaft?

Gabriel Archer says:

Hey Angelo, I was just wondering if you bought all of these new clubs, or if Taylormade gave them to you..

Kyle Fernandez says:



I thought the same thing @bunkerputt. Karl has disappeared for some reason in 2017. I just saw a video from the Haas Invitational from June 17 and he is still striping it! They have very similar builds and swings! I didn't know it wasn't Karl until I saw the nameplate. LOL

Wisconsin Golf says:

I though golf clubs took days to build

Tj Horn says:

how old are tour preferred wedges I have the 56 and 60

Jonathan Steinmann says:

What shaft did they put in your driver and how do you compare it to the hzrdus black?

AlbrtoEntertainment says:

How much was the fitting?

Wisconsin Golf says:

Angelo do you think you will turn pro after college

caldakid says:

Great swing dude

Ba Barrakas says:

What length is the shaft for the driver?

Wisconsin Golf says:

Angelo said the 750s go high when rick Sheils said the go low and shorter

Ethan Colpitts says:

Where's all the course vlogs buddy?

Nathan Graham says:

Hi Angelo, I hope you are having a great day! I was just wondering if you could do a what's in the bag for 2017, thanks

G Coyne says:

what is your handicap?

omar khan says:

Great striking, just one word of advise when most people go to these things they pumped up and swing out of their shoes and when the regular tournaments come they start to fight with the club and swing because they have to level down and the shaft they got was to stiff or to heavy for their regular swing. But great hitting and striking.

Ben Freeman says:

Ur swing is amazing keep it up

Ryan Reaves says:

Angelo what shaft length is your driver?

Jake Morrow says:

Loved the video and all the ideas. But please get a wind furry for the microphone…

Ciaran Connor says:

Lovely swing to watch and certainly unconventional. Leadbetter student

Ian Shepherd says:

love watching you hit the ball…have been watching you for awile and cant wait to see you on tour its just a matter of time the way you play! good luck in college golf bud!

kvgolfa says:

Don't understand how you can judge spin numbers when the grooves are filled with dirt…

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