Steve Buzza in The Golf Bag

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Vici Martynov says:

Lovely – Yeh Victory Red rocks, not sure about them funny green modern
things. Not surprised Rory has reverted. He wont get away with it, even
when he tries throwing them in the lake they send a scuba diver to get them
back. Glad to see you are still gaming the Pros Buzza :-)

Christian Cunningham says:

Mark is dogging Buzza for practicing…
Mark is a cut-throat sumbitch.

Andy GolfFather Phillips says:

Hey, is that a TaylorMade V Steel headcover there? 

TrailTrackers says:

+Mark Crossfield +Buzza Golf Also, I’m thinking of switching from my S55 PW
(48*) and getting a Glide 48*. It seems like I’m having a larger gap
between my PW and 9I for some reason. I’m thinking that if the Glide wedges
are engineered for lower launching tragectories, it may help me to close
the gap and get more ‘regular’ with it. I know I can dynamically lower my
tragectory with the PW, but one of my reasons for just going to the Glide
is because it’s advertized as ‘maximim’ spin. So I’m thinking that I won’t
have to changing my swing to get a bit more length with it while producing
higher spin which should still keep the ball checking up nicely on the
greens. Is my logic silly or do you think what I’m talking about has any
merit? Please give it to me straight.

Alexsmoak808 says:

Haha awesome. Thabks mark for lending him the driver to take the win.
Seriously, why do u think buzza hits that driver so well? (From what I’ve
seen) seems to not hit it “right” do much. Mental? I get upset w buzza
watching vlogs. He goes right with the driver so much it seems. I’m always
like “dude aim left side, u keep going right”
I would like to see a side by side video of Steve with his sldr. And your
new one. Numbers off both, and flight stats. In same setting. I’m very

Stuart Pollock says:

Steve really is a lovely boy. So innocent and gullible not realising that
Mark is taking the piss hahah

paul hughes says:

Interesting insight into Buzza’s bag.

TrailTrackers says:

+Mark Crossfield +Buzza Golf Hey guys. I’d like to hear more about that
Ping Glide. I hit Ping irons and wedges; S55 and Tour Gorge at the moment.
However, I’m currently saving up my club winnings to get the new Ping Glide
wedges. It would be great to hear your thoughts on them. When I ordered my
Tour Gorge wedges, I got them with those CFS ‘wedge’ shafts and hated them.
Totally through off my timing and everything. I had them sent back to Ping
to get the True Temper S300 shafts installed, and when I got them back they
were totally dialed in for my swing; red dot, 1″ longer than std is my

However, when I get the Glides I’m thinking about trying them with the CFS
shafts just to see if they will work for me. Also, I’m real interested in
what the Ping website says about these wedges being ‘lower launching’ with
‘maximum spin’. I’d love to hear both your opinions on these
configurations. It would really be of great interest to me and I would
totally appreciate it guys.

scedab says:

great stuff guys, had a lovely tuna and vinegar butty today

Budgybottom says:

what’s the driver he was using? and in what video? can find it :(

Andrew Delpezzo says:

why does buzzman always say “H is for hope 3 iron”?

Andrew Hollingworth says:

D, 3W, 3I-PW, 52, 58, Putter. What’s the 14th club? 5W?

27G27G27 says:


Justin Scheve says:

What golf ball does +Buzza Golf use?

Rob Scott says:

Unconstitent!!!! Inventing new words with buzza!!! 

ThisLadWayne says:

the buzzman is the best!

Brian Simpson says:

Need a Parfield WITB!

Alexsmoak808 says:

Mark, when do u plan on getting a catfox head cover? I hear it adds 5 yards

Blair Malfara says:

Buzz is a beauty!

Chris Jones says:

So the Buzzman has putters in his downstairs toilet…….. maybe that’s
where the ‘squat’ / ‘set’ posture idea came from ;)

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