Game Changing Simple GOLF SWING TIPS No Golfer Should Ignore

These are Golf swing tips to give your the must do's to change your golf game and be more consistent with every golf swing. If you are confused and frustrated with your golf swing and want to hit consistent iron shots and longer golf drives then these simple golf tips will show you how to swing a golf club with a much easier simple golf swing.

They are tenets to a consistent golf swing you can rely on each time you tee it up and no matter if you are a senior golf swing, beginner golfer or a long time frustrated player who is confused with over complicated golf swing instruction.

You are going to have variables for your own swing, but they are consistent golf swing principles that will change your golf game for good.

What we cover in this lesson are;

0:00 golf swing tips that are must do's
1:30 balance in golf swing
2:15 be specific with each golf shot target
2:30 Feel the weight to swing the golf club
3:00 Stay centered in your golf swing
6:00 maximize a short golf swing
7:00 wind up your backswing
8:50 flow and tempo golf swing

Short Swing Maximizer

If you want to learn more about the short swing you can see this Maximize SHORT Backswing Golf Swing | Tilt With Flow For Accurate Speed For ANY Golfer

\Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing


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9 thoughts on “Game Changing Simple GOLF SWING TIPS No Golfer Should Ignore

  1. Alex, your instructions are excellent and fit my learning style. I really appreciate your content and you have advanced my skill enormously. I think the influence Nick Faldo had on you is another reason your style works for me . Cheers John

  2. Alex! Your short backswing concept is very interesting and one I am definitely going to be trying! I like the body movement (Up rather than around) suggestion as well. Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Great tips as always Alex, wondering if you have any tips for driver in winter please? I'm in the UK, played Wednesday and today, extremely windy, 30 mph plus winds both days, in the summer i tee it high and let it fly, however with most driving holes the wind blows across, it affects the ball flight when high, i can tee it down and keep it lower, but loose a ton of distance, now struggling to reach the long par 4s in two, and my course is long several par 4s of 420 yards plus. Thanks

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