These TWO SIMPLE Changes Transformed My Golf Swing | Best My Game Has Ever Felt

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I am mad excited to be sharing this video with y'all as I am on my way to the Bahamas! I will be filming a Beat My Record along with plenty other content while there. We're almost at 100K Subscribers! I appreciate y'all and am so grateful for all the love and support! Hope you enjoy the video and thank you for watching!


william donovan says:

Bubbie. You aren't far off from really putting in on those other guys

Keatons Life says:

Bubby Golf is dialed boys !

Kim Kelly says:

Great job! Also the Bespoke stuff is awesome! Gonna order!

Derek Johnson says:

Bubbie keep your weight on the inside of your right foot. You want to feel most of the pressure there. You also need to increase that x factor (separation of hips and shoulders) during the downswing. Rory is a great model of this. You can do this by "hanging back" with your upper body and staying patient while you bump forward towards your target with left hip.

Jack Walsh says:

“Conscientious” definitely isn’t the word you are looking for, feel like “conscious”would be the one lol. Besides that brother I love to see the progress, your love for the game and will to get better is contagious.

Melani Nick says:

1. Shoe game is fire! 2. Good good labs is getting it locked up for you! I love the teamwork!

Jbeezy says:

how do you guys travel with your clubs?

Adrian Butler says:

Man I just took a lesson on Tuesday. He had me change the exact same thing…enjoy you and all the good good videos

Jeff Larsen says:

I feel like my swing is following your progression. A lot of your changes have been relevant for me and helped a ton!

Jared Anderson says:

Bubbie I just made the exact same two changes haha. We ex baseball players have similar struggles in golf lol.

Rowdy Roddy says:

*Bubbie… Whenever the golf shaft is level to the ground, it should also be parallel to the aim line. * ….If it is pointing left or right of the aim line when level to the ground, it is off plane.
So pay attention when the club is in motion, that whenever the shaft is level to the ground…. it is also parallel to your aim line at that same moment. Do this, and you will be swinging perfectly on plane, and you will hit the ball straight as a rifle.

DoubleOhTheG says:

Bubbie kind of looks similar to Dustin Johnson at the top of his swing. Note I said SIMILAR since DJ is more bowed.

Mike Lerner says:

Has this actually translated to the course or is too tough to tell because most of the content we see are scramble challenges?

Justin Mills says:

I remember not so long ago you said your career might be over, within 3 weeks you were back swinging. Drama queen lol love the content

Flex'n Fox says:

I'm low key fun rapper/roaster… Gave Bubbie Golf a shout out at the end of, "Losing My Mind", song I just uploaded… Nothing special, just recording over… Peace, love and I love that joint!

Cringe Golf says:

Like the higher hands. Been working on that myself.

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