Gary Player at the Road Hole bunker

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Gary Player at the HSBC Golf Zone at Royal Lytham & St Annes

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Eric Stenzel says:

Presumptuous twit.

Roland Sievers says:

Player topped almost every ball.

Benedict Olusola says:

The best golf teacher,been following him for 15years ,never been wrong with his tips

Aspect says:

3:48 That was a dunlop ball xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD What a legend always has a solution

micky bang-bang says:

mother in law how old she 125 ?

Chris Pellatt says:

I've watched a lot of videos with Gary Player showing golfers how to play different shots…….and to be honest you have to take what he says with a grain of salt. Watch the "plugged" shot again. He tells the crown to square the club face, hit down hard behind the ball with no follow through. He then proceeds to play the shot with an open club face, sliding the club under the ball with a scooping follow through.

Jack Nicklaus in interviews has said the same thing with regards to his "fitness" regime. There is no doubting he is fit but in completing everything he says he does every day he would barely have time to play let alone practice, eat, sleep, shit etc. Nicklaus has called this into question in several interviews and I tend to believe him.

Mansa Musa says:

He looks really great still.

18tangles says:

Player had 29 holes in one so did Joe Kirkwood, the thing is Kirkwood had two in the one round

notdrivingaminimetro says:

hates CHEATING this lad

Rioretti says:

I wish he still played in the tournaments

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