PLEASE don't buy NEW IRONS until you CAN DO this…

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Please don't upgrade or buy new irons for your golf game until you can do this consistently!

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Daniel says:

This right here is worth alot. Earlier this year I had totally lost my golfing mojo, guess it was to much christmas food or something. Anyways when I came back I couldn´t strike it at all. Took a couple of lessons, and they basically had me doing this, starting with small chips, going on to half swing, to 3/4 swings. And whenever I messed up I had to go down to a shorter swing untill I was back.

Now at the end of summer I'm striking it better than ever before. Even got my draw back, so imagine that… It pays off to work consistently… Now I can try to eat less xmas food this season… and maybe still be in shape

darkpaladin says:

I have saved this video and watch it again before considering buying a new set of iron. Thanks for a really nice and simple video!

Murf*1802 says:

Loved video, no nonsense or bullshit, love it, i believe Golf Intructors should start a teaching video with Relax people ,no tention in your wrist , forearms, shoulders, any body says to hold a golf club like you have a egg or baby bird between hands snd grip.and try not to damage it, F,,, walk away , terrible advise ,a grip should be a 6 to or 8 in pressure out of 10, its your levers that need to be sumpel , shake your arms out relax try not be a pro wrestler like you have some one in a head lock, they youll understand theres no positions in the golf swing its done by forces, from your levers and rotation, let the wieght of the club do the work, Thanks man love the Honesty!!

LuvHndls says:

What if my irons are from the 80s or early 90s and just get some lazrus or bombtech irons off Amazon?

Mack says:

I'll happily buy new clubs to chunk it into the ground. Just as long as I get the satisfaction of owning new clubs is all that matters. Life is short, you do you and never let anyone hold you back.

Sam Street says:

Still rocking my maxfli revolutions I got on eBay for £38 total 3-pw last year, think they need a regrip but doing me well

Bucknut says:

I discovered this swinging when trying to punch low shots out of hazard. The balls flew beautifully for all irons.

Douglas Taylor says:

Oops. I just bought several used sets of all different types to try out. Different strokes for different folks

Ratt70 says:

I was gonna upgrade irons until this. So i took the money and bought some lessons

Dakota Mizell says:

Finally a video of my exact issues! Makes so much sense now

FinishStrong says:

I’m just getting back into golf after a couple of years off. The last video I watched was you telling us my Nike Slingshot irons were poor and then I watch this video telling me not to upgrade my irons. 😂

Les Williams says:

Hi I just found this video sounds like me down to a tee would all these concepts still apply I'm now nearly 60 so the swing speed is bit on the slow side thanks les

BushmanActual says:

Honestly I just came across this and I think I had an awakening.. I’ve been doing that wrist thing you described at around 6:30 seconds all last season (it was my first) and I couldn’t find a way to describe it to even correct it, it’s horribly inconsistent and when you showed the angle in this video it was like my eyes were opened as far as the proper hinging motion you were describing.. going to go back to the drawing board.. thank you sir!

Douglas Greig says:

Love how u keep it simple

Freddie Meikle Golf says:

Loe love love your intros haha

Rudiger Simpson says:

It's taken me years to teach myself not to just go to the driving range and treat it almost like a workout. What you say about going down in club to build confidence and focusing on strike is so important but it can be hard to discipline yourself to do this. Great advice

Rob M says:

More of this sort of thing! 🪧

Rustymaan says:

Too late, already bought a Callaway Mavrik iron set ❤️

Mike Southam says:

absolutely brilliant video. Every beginner or mid to high handicapper should be watching this

Sports Dad 33 says:

One length fixes it all! Only long club you need is the Driver. Hit 300 balls over one weekend at the range with one length from 3 to LW and you will be set for good.

Gary Boweren says:

Awesome vid explained so well !

Andrew Davies says:

Great content Simon….more of the same please

ryan johnson says:

Thanks for the tips much appreciated

Alex Lewis says:

I wonder how many people go for a fitting (especially through big franchise fitters), where the fitter tells them – save your money and get some pro lessons first… probably not many.

jim henry says:

Simon, great channel. I would be interested in seeing a video on building a bag for senior golfers. I am 67, driver speed around 80-82 mph, carry is 185-190 yards.

Brian25782 says:

Now this is something I can really use, so simple but what a massive difference it will make finding the low point in my swing, keep up the great content Si 👏

ian coundon says:

Excellent, more like this please Simon!

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