GOLF: A Simple 3-Step Drill For The Perfect Backswing

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A Simple 3-Step Drill For The Perfect Backswing

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What you do going back in your swing is going to create some things during your downswing. A lot of the bad shots you hit stem from the backswing. The goal of the drill in this video is to be semi-universal so anyone watching can get the backswing reasonably neutral.

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Eric Cogorno Golf says:

Quick note guys-

When going from the takeaway to the top make sure you still

1. Turn your body enough (90* shoulder turn)
2. Hands keep working IN not just straight up (butt of club in line with middle or right foot to heel)

Easy to go from takeaway straight to top… still need some depth!

gabard jean-paul says:

Hi Bro. , I love how you make this so simple. It reminds me of David L. A swing and GG ; do you change the grip like David is doting ? Prayer grip ?

Carl Rentrop says:

You are the man Mr Cogorno. Your drills are very helpful. Thank you.??


Great video.
Can I ask what app you recommend for iPads for reviewing videos of my swing? I want to be able to easily put in slo mo and freeze frame to see the checkpoints.

Rod Hardin says:

I need simple suggestions like this. Thanks so much.

Eric McDade says:

I sure wish I saw this video when I was like 10 years old. Amazing how few videos/instructors break it down this simply.

Eric Sidewater says:

Cogorno coming with the heat once again!

Kwan Mok says:

Great drills that clear all the ambiguities in the head. Thanks!

Courney Hallcy says:

Kind of reminds me of Ryan Mooreโ€™s backswing. Now Iโ€™m ready for the downswing video

Steven Millar says:

I caddied yesterday for a French professional at Kingsbarns, Scotland. He used this drill before every shot and when I asked him about it he said it stopped him going outside the line with his hands in the backswing. He was an outstanding tee to green player and his ball striking was exceptional. Am going to try this also.

Steven Millar,
St. Andrews, Scotland

Robert Miles says:

Iโ€™ve been doing this early wrist hinge drill on the range with descent results thanks for putting your expertise out there Eric

majl1000 says:

Wow what a drill, hitting through the ball, no spin out of front foot , feels like weight is on left side at top but finish position is up on toe facing target in total balance and could stay that way for an hour, whatever I was doing wrong it fixed me, and managed a few draws (never hit draw or hook only fades slice or fat. Cheers for drill

MegaBroony .Broon says:

Best coach on You Tube- end of !!

Juan Carlos Montemayor says:

will practice this on friday!! thanks a lot

WIllis Van Der Klees says:

Perfect reinforcement. Thanks Eric!

Samuel Radcliffe says:

Your best video!

steve dickson says:

That looks great. I do come too much on the inside, so a perfect antidote. Will give this some close attention.

JLC JLC says:

Interesting. Never seen this idea before. Thank you.

a2fitness says:

Thanks this is excellent! Is it the same for the driver?ย  I think the hardest feeling for a lot of us is getting the hinge going up rather than forearm roll and getting too flat.ย  I'm going to practice!

Ron Williams says:

Works for me. Eric you are the best on YT. Best from Wales.

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