GOLF: The Key To Consistent, Solid Contact In Chipping

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The Key To Consistent, Solid Contact In Chipping

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If you’re on the course and you struggle specifically with thin chip shots, you need to learn how to use the bounce on the bottom of your club. Wedges are designed to give you a fail-safe method of hitting your shots. You don’t need to strike the ball perfectly to hit a good shot. The key here is you need to have the bottom part of your club interacting with the ground, NOT the leading edge.


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Tom Pesacreta says:

Thanks for another great video. I notice you emphasize finishing hands way left in line with left hip. Why is that?


Short chip shots, little less hinge or maybe no hinge and keep a little cup to keep it neutral and expose the bounce? Seems like something to mess with and answer my own question

martin blackmore says:

Sorry weight is on the left foot 60/40 or more

martin blackmore says:

Hi Eric quick question I am being taught in the way you are showing ie using the bounce. However, there is one difference which is in the set up my feet are wider 12 – 18 inches apart with the left foot flared out and weight on the right foot, the ball is opposite left foot heal everything else is the same. Can you let me know what you think?

Joe Griggs Jr. says:

Can't wait to try this out. Gonna save a few bucks before dropping the side gig and get some lessons from u or tip u or something. I have videos but I may not need to send those cause they r months old. Gonna make some more up to date ones one day. But for now I'm gonna try u out, you're speaking my language.

Captain Ron says:

I know I'll be crucified for this but wotthehell… I practice this shot on our very tight chipping green (when no one is looking). I've been able to play the shot from hard pan and I love it from tight lies around the green for the consistent amount of spin I can generate. I would suggest that you could get more consistent contact by not hinging the wrists … I'm rather old (ancient, actually) and my small muscles are just too twitchy so I try to eliminate them … the feeling I have is simply rotating around my spine – no wrists, no hands, no shoulders. Love your videos and thanks.

Constantine999 says:

What happens when you come over the top in chip shots do i need to come from the inside as well and shallow

Jeff Grings says:

Binge watching your videos – love them – keep up the great work!! Thanks!!

Rodney Blackwell says:

Very wet here… A thud will cover me in mud

Wiley Mangum says:

Mr.Cogorno, I have trouble with my grip. If I put the grip under my left heel pad as shown by many teachers I tend push shots right. If I grip left hand neutral my shots improve. Your thoughts.

Viking Alle Wåhlin says:

Great video!
I was very active like 10 years ago and back then almost everybody chipped with the ball back in the stance. I did exactly what you are promoting Eric and I have always been a great chipper. Your advice makes so much sense to me! I'm not sure if you adressed the wedge-shots but I applied the same technique and thinking using the bounce on all my shots within 110 yards and the results were amazing!
Keep it up.
/Viking, Sweden

Dreama40 says:

Is your weight 50/50 for these shots Eric?

stonewallre7 says:

Eric I use this and it works good for me, unlike my iron shots 100 yards or greater. Thanks for your advice this is excellent. If I could only start a hole 20 yards out. Lol.

Paul Theseira says:

Do you apply this same technique on a tight lie, Eric?

Dreama40 says:

Love it, love it, love it!!!! Great explanation. Basically your saying RELEASE the club more in the downswing so that it exposes the bounce at impact more then the leading edge, so the club is more neutral at impact basically, cant wait to try it. Thanks so much Eric, cant get enough of your chipping pitching lessons!

Aliza says:

subscribed yesterday and your content is one of the best on youtube. thanks for all your lessons and tips. We watch and earn when you teach your junior students b/c a lot of their faults are the same as ours. thanks

Olivier Bert says:

When you open the club face is your alignment left of target ?

keith irvine says:

Weakest part of my game. As a kid, I could chip great. You touched on tension; I think that is the major part of it. Miss a chip, and the tension creeps back in. Looking forward to trying this method which I think will definitely help, for sure….

rdlez says:

Thanks Eric; this segment was very clear and (hopefully) prove beneficial to my short game..

Discus Me says:

It works…well

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