Golf Backswing: Don't Kill Your Coil

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Into your backswing, you want to make sure that your lead knee is rotating back correctly. I see in a lot of golf swings that the front knee tends go towards the target and this hinders the backswing coiling correctly.

You want to make sure that your entire body is coiling correctly when you go into your back swing. You want to think of your body as a giant spring. Your front knee needs to keep the correct rotation and this will help with gaining more distance and accuracy.

When you start going into your backswing, check out your front knee position. Does it go towards the target or does it turn with your body. If it is coiling correctly into your backswing, then you are fine but if its not, then there is a problem.

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19 thoughts on “Golf Backswing: Don't Kill Your Coil

  1. Coach Paul I never knew this either!!! Kids today don't know how lucky they are to get all this info. Pretty democratic that any kid can come on youtube and learn. Great stuff! Thank you again.

  2. Paul I played a round today and it was going down hill and something reminded me about what you said about that forward knee and then boom! Back to great shots! Thanks!!

  3. Just been getting a bit confused Paul as some of your vids advocate the ‘stable’ lower body ie. it seems you want the low body to still be where it is and yet to get the knee pointing behind the ball, I feel like I have to turn the low body/hips quite a lot? thanks Rob
    ps, for an 11 handicapper I shot 3 over the other day…all down to following your technique, buying the Bodyswing and subscribing to Ignition golf!! thanks so much Rob

  4. I here you Paul, now explain how Moe Norman was able to get good clubhead speed without taking that left knee back. When I have used his swing technique I have not lost distance but mu back feels a lot better after I play.

  5. Great tip Paul! As a lefty I appreciate your description using front leg back instead of right or left. Makes understanding the tips so much easier for south paws.

  6. Hi Paul great video as usual thanks. Can you please demonstrate the difference here, between coiling you lower body with the correct knee flex at address, and as per your prior video where you said to guard against over coiling your lower body in the backswing?

  7. I love the fact that your videos focus on speed and how to create it. They make a LOT of sense and they focus on how the body and arms work together. I just started working on your concepts and have enjoyed the results so far. Hope my wife will let me go to your school. Keep up the great work. 3 handicap 25 years ago. I know I have lost my timing which came easy at the time. It’s coming back with your vids – hope to go to your school.

  8. Been crushing the ball recently by using this info, loose and effortless swinging is so key. You put so much emphasis on not using the arms, to the point where I don't think about my arms, but I noticed they often get stuck behind on occasion. Could you please do a video on correct arm positioning throughout the entire swing? Like Hogan mentions the right elbow should be tucked in, is this what you do?

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