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Continuing from last weeks lesson, I will show you how you can gain more coil. Powerful swing requires great muscular strength + flexibility + mobility.
Let’s get it going!

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Ray Laskey says:

Nice stretch but I don't understand your 6 o'clock position. Maybe in another plane that would be 6 o'clock. No matter, I just followed where your hands were

Isabelle B says:

Thanks great stretch drill!

Kingly Done says:

Going to try these stretches tomorrow. Thanks Aimee

David Wang says:

can we do the stretch without the chair?

Bob Hagers says:

Great drill Aimee, thanks a lot. I also loved the previous video regarding the importance of coiling and how to do it. I am convinced this will help me a lot…for the first time I have really feeld the sensation of winding up….Looking forward to the next video "how to properly uncoil", I hope 🙂
Regards, Bob.

Philip Keegan says:

Excellent video as usual

Tyrone Williams says:

6:00 O’clock? Funny!

Parski says:

Why do you have to sit down to do these? Can't you do these standing up?

David D says:

Will be fun to see if these stretches can get my swing speed over 105 mph. Thanks Aimee

Andrew Sheets says:

Aimee my 7yr old daughter is gaining tremendous knowledge for her golf swing from your teaching. Thank you.

Steve Quach says:

Been waiting for this video! Thank you !

Don Martino says:

Love your videos. How do I access all previous ones?

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