Golf Lesson – Powering the Golf Swing – Technique # 3

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Steve Kay says:

Came across your vids by accident one day. Glad I did. Been using your
interpretation of the swing for just a couple of weeks and have never hit
the ball so long and straight more often than not. Thanks heaps guys.

Norway Golfer says:

Is it possible to buy the programs as dowloads instead of pysical dvd’s ?


This is well explained, I got your program from a buddy that bought it and
couldn’t do the drills because he felt “foolish” at the range, I’ve viewed
it a million times and it just makes sense. At 41 years old and a 6
handicap “been stuck there for a while”, I committed to doing the drills 6
months ago and it has changed the way that I swing, not exhausted after my
round and truly am hitting the ball much farther with killer accuracy. You
guys have made a fan for life.

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