GOLF: Chipping Vs. Pitching

Chipping Vs. Pitching

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I don’t really use the terms chipping and pitching when I coach, but the quick sloppy definition of the chipping and pitching and in my world is that a pitch shot is a shot where I hit the ball higher than normal and it flies a little bit farther. A chip shot would be a shot that I would hit that would fly lower than normal and not carry quite as far.

To me, anything inside of 30 yards is a chip shot and then you chip a different trajectories, you chip low versus medium versus high and there are some setup adjustments. But some people do use the or used the term chipping and pitching in golf.

I would use a chip shot under most circumstances. So if I have a lot of green to work with, certainly I'm going to do a chip shot, hit it lower than normal. I only want to fly the ball basically as much as I have to.

For a chip shot, I recommend a ball position just inside your right big toe or about even with your right foot for a baseline chip shot. The shaft will be slightly forward with hands inside of the left thigh. Club face is very square. Feet are close together and I have about 60% of my weight on my left leg and 40% in my right. In swing for a chip shot there won’t be a ton of hinge back or through.

For my pitching setup, the ball position is more in the middle of my stance. My shaft is not quite as forward although my hand is still basically inside of my left thigh. My weight is 50/50. In swing I add hinge back and through for my pitching motion.

We’ve talked in some other videos about how you follow through with the chipping versus pitching to change trajectories. If I wanted to hit the lowest shot, which would be chipping style, my hands will be farther away from my hip and the club head would be lower than my hands. If I want to hit a medium style trajectory, the butt of my club is a little bit closer to my hip, my club head is roughly even with my hands. The highest shot would have the butt of the club close to my hip again and club head very high.

If you're an amateur golfer, the higher your score ranges, most of us would recommend you chip as often as possible. That means your chip shots will lower to the ground and get the ball rolling. You should also be using other clubs to hit bumping runs.

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16 thoughts on “GOLF: Chipping Vs. Pitching

  1. Didn’t Nicklaus use to chip making s figure 8 motion. Making just a little loop in transition. You feel like you swing the club straight back and come down on a little shallowing plane . Like your thoughts ?

  2. The thing about chipping is that with a good chip I can get closer to the hole but I can also send it over the green. If i am close enough I will putt it.

  3. you may want to video a shot or two from behind to show how close/far away you are from the ball. I know you had another video stressing the need to move closer but having it reinforced on another chipping/pitching video would probably help most viewers.

  4. Great great video. I saw one of your earlier videos about chipping using the putting style with the face slightly open. I think this a great information. Will continue to practice (when I have time lol) to work on your tips. Thanks Eric for providing such quality content

  5. Great video. I've had a lot of trouble with chipping & pitching but have finally seen massive improvements this season mostly because of your videos. However, I really have just one swing that I've grooved and can make a longer or shorter swing based on distance the ball has to travel and have been using differently lofted clubs to get lower/running or higher/stopping trajectories. Am I missing out on something by not learning to vary height and roll-out with the same club. Should I stop with the same swing and different clubs and focus on the same club and different swings like in this chipping swing vs pitching swing video? Thanks.

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