Preparing golf clubs for THE MASTERS!

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In this Finch Weekly we look at how some of the best players in the world prepare for The Masters.

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Joseph Massey says:

Favorite thing is the effort everyone gives.

Warren Head says:

Favorite thing about the masters was watching Faldo reel in a great white!

Raiderboy Productions says:

Jordan speith's win

George W says:

Fave Gotta be the picturesque scenery

Kieran Gammie says:

Tee shot on 18

Anthony courtemanche says:

My favorite thing about the Masters is that it’s the masters nothing compares to it hands-down. The big cat for the win!

ridhwanumerji86 says:

Favourite thing – Tiger in his Sunday red leading the way!

Dylan Banman says:

I enjoy the history of the masters and how the anticipation is always so high. I also enjoy the high level of competition displayed

bobbyboucher1266 says:

Favorite things has got to be the ridiculous greens and conditions! It’s so sick!

Josh Hughes says:

Favourite thing about the masters has to be Phil from the trees on 10. Still don’t know how he did it

Mandus Venter says:

The yellow flag and pin

Young Hwang says:

Water skipping for sure

Jonathan Buchert says:

My favorite thing about the masters is watching how crazy the greens are. I would defiantly have a lot of three putts

Simon Gillespie says:

Favourite thing, the history and prestige of the tournament. Plus you know the golf season has now started.

Bobby Digby says:

Augusta National is the best thing about the Masters. The Course truly is the brightest star. Every fan knows everything about the course, the tough shots/holes, the Sunday pins. Familiarity usually brings contempt, but in this case, it brings adoration.

James Thomas says:

Favourite thing at the masters … The par 3 contest with all the legends !

Gregor Davidson says:

Bubbas shot on 18


Sandy lyle bunker 7 iron to the 18th to win, go Europeans this week?✌

Sean Fleming says:

Favourite thing about the Masters has to be the atmosphere

Jordan Hoey says:

I love the fact that the masters gets a lot of people watching golf

James Verburg says:

Green jacket

Sebastian Pettersson says:

The best thing? Stenson vs Rory in playoff ?

Conrad Lloyd says:

My favourite thing about the masters is watching the flops. Omg some are incredible

Daniel Forde says:

Favourite thing about the masters…. Rorys 2019 win 🙂

James Kennedy says:

Tiger being back

Sunrise Farming cc says:

The Masters makes me fall in love with the game even more and believing working on better skill for myself. True love for the game.

Nassethehasse says:

I like the course the most!

O. G. says:

i Love the fact that the past champions are always invited with open arms… other tournament does this… earned your spot, for the rest of your life!

Aaron Borthwick says:

Has to be Tigers chip in on 16 in 2005 the emotion showed when he holed that shot was just incredible
Also Mickelsons shot from the trees on 13 just incredible to watch and just the course itself is just unbelievable⛳️

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