Golf Club Bounce: What You Need to Know
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Golf Club Bounce: What You Need to Know (Golf's #1 Lag Instructor Clay Ballard)

Golf club bounce is one of the most misunderstood subjects in golf. So, in this video, I'll show you exactly what bounce is in your golf swing and how to use it to your advantage.

I discuss bounce in relation to the soul of your club, ground line, club contact point and more. You'll find out:
• What's the proper amount of bounce that you should have in your clubs,
• How exactly bounce works when you're hitting correctly,
• What situations that you would want more (or less) bounce.

With a better understanding of golf club bounce, you'll know exactly what's happening when you chunk a ball and be better able to start hitting the perfect, pro-like divots that come with compressed shots.

Good luck with your golf game,
Clay Ballard

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“Golf Club Bounce”

2 thoughts on “Golf Club Bounce: What You Need to Know

  1. Clay, I carry 4 wedges. A set matched PW, gap, sand, lob. I’ve struggled
    with how to proper spec the bounce on my gap wedge. The 50 degree is
    primarily used for full 115 yard shots, knock downs, and a few longer bump
    and runs. Shouldn’t the bounce in this wedge match a bit closer to your set
    PW bounce in order to have the same turf interactions at full swing? I live
    in Oregon, tend to dig, so 10-14 degrees of bounce makes sense in the sand
    and lob wedges. Thanks in advance!

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