RotaryConnect Proper Golf Swing Backswing Video – Backswing Plane Drills

Click the link above to learn how to make the PERFECT Backswing like Master's Winner Adam Scott and Tiger Woods! Free video!

How to use the RotaryConnect to train the arms in the golf backswing. Learn a proper golf backswing plane with this simple backswing drill and master the backswing fundamentals.

16 thoughts on “RotaryConnect Proper Golf Swing Backswing Video – Backswing Plane Drills

  1. Hey Chuck, I’m a bit of a hip spinner and come very steep with driver
    (marks all over crown). Understand the aid will help with spinning hip, but
    can it help with steep driver swing, can’t shallow it out no matter how
    hard I practice.

  2. Hey Chuck, I am a 2 handicap and I have a question… What makes the hiss
    that you hear in like a 3 wood shot, I know it’s compression but, I would
    like to know if that is when the club is coming into the ground steeper or
    if it’s more along the ground? Thanks

  3. @cquinton So what youre are saying is when the ball is moving a little
    faster you can hear it as much or if it moves faster down range you hear it
    more? I have heard good players that hit the ball way far have the hiss on
    like their 6 iron. I just want to know how I could get that hiss a lot more

  4. Yes, when you spin the shoulders the arms will often come over the top and
    create a steep angle of attack. By fixing one, you will also fix the other.
    Good Luck!! ~Clay Ballard

  5. I completely agree. I can hear hissing on almost every shot, with almost
    every club, especially when I am swinging consistently. I sometimes use it
    to gauge the angle and “squareness” of my impact. It’s a feeling for me…
    snapping through impact for that great hiss down range. I know not
    everyone’s shots hiss, and I guess I’ve never thought about it. I’m sure it
    has to do with the Venturi Effect or Bernouli’s Principal maybe.

  6. @cquinton Then how come some times when you hit it really far it doesn’t
    hiss? I love the sound but is there some way to get it everytime?

  7. RST is simple & effective! I encourage anyone who wants to improve their
    ball striking, should try-out Rotary Swing, especially beginners & high

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