Golf Course Lesson Chipping Sodbury Part 3

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Golf Course Lesson Chipping Sodbury Part 3 with Mark Crossfield PGA professional, James Dimond and Gorillar James Wiltshire. Watch as they play golf around the stunning Chipping Sodbury golf course just outside Bristol and learn from their good golf shots as well as their bad golf shots. Learn how they hit drivers, irons and short game shots around the green and listen as they talk through their swing thoughts on the course. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield's online youtube free golf videos.

32 thoughts on “Golf Course Lesson Chipping Sodbury Part 3

  1. Great video again! yeh would be good to see you play a round with a
    mid/high handicapper and see what advise you give to them at certain times
    to help them get round.

  2. I see Diamond is playing an old FT5, Mark has the Covert and Gorilla is
    playing a Golf Geek driver. The FT5 seems like a decent club for being 8
    years old or so.

  3. Hi Mark! Could you please do a video on how do pull the shot that Dimond
    did over the tree ? When I open my wedge like that it always goes far of to
    the right! Love your vids! Cheers Sebastian

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