Golf Course Lesson Chipping Sodbury Part 3

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Golf Course Lesson Chipping Sodbury Part 3 with Mark Crossfield PGA professional, James Dimond and Gorillar James Wiltshire. Watch as they play golf around the stunning Chipping Sodbury golf course just outside Bristol and learn from their good golf shots as well as their bad golf shots. Learn how they hit drivers, irons and short game shots around the green and listen as they talk through their swing thoughts on the course. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield's online youtube free golf videos.


Mark Crossfield says:

Mizuno JPX EZ irons reciewed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. JPX POWWR made

Stuart Patterson says:

Nice video. I’ve just joined Chipping Sodbury so it’s interesting how
others go around the course.

sean craig says:

Morrissey is a big hitter :0)

justintime8 says:

I could watch these all day long I think.

jppongo06 says:

Great video again! yeh would be good to see you play a round with a
mid/high handicapper and see what advise you give to them at certain times
to help them get round.

S Jan says:

Love these vlogs… but why shout “sit down” to a ball… it’s not a dog
and does not listen!!

TheGolfer231 says:

He corrected him and said for bogey

How To Buy Gold Coins says:

Another very nice video

pr4t3ek says:

i wonder what your guys handicaps are? or are you all off scratch?

Steven Lawton says:

A putt conceded can’t be taken away even if he does putt out and misses, it
was given.

SiMpLYxEpiC says:

Those glasses make him look cross-eyed

01dirtmonkey says:

I don’t think mark would wanna play rustington. It’s shite

cttshredder says:

Love these Mark! Wish I lived in the UK to meet you!

Lina Worthing says:

I love these course videos… more of these please!!

LiteDon says:

my favorite videos tbh i wait for these “course lessons” like any other tv
show realese

Justin Bordwell says:

Will u ever do driver shaft reviews? Like Fuji and tour ad

Randy Siltzer says:

What is more important for increased distance, greater flexibility or
greater core strength?

helitroutguy says:

I see Diamond is playing an old FT5, Mark has the Covert and Gorilla is
playing a Golf Geek driver. The FT5 seems like a decent club for being 8
years old or so.

Oliver Watson says:

Who noticed the ball in the bunker and who is it

RossPlaysHD says:

No HD yet. But Why!?

Mahavishnu80 says:

Come on Dino!

TheSebbee8 says:

Hi Mark! Could you please do a video on how do pull the shot that Dimond
did over the tree ? When I open my wedge like that it always goes far of to
the right! Love your vids! Cheers Sebastian

pr4t3ek says:

yeah, just saw one of marks other video’s and they are all pro’s..

Frank Celeste says:

these videos are awesome. very entertaining

9tube1 says:

Love these on-course vids! I learn from every one of you three pros. Thanks

iThrowTantrum says:

I’ve eeehhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy.

luke lacey says:

Can you do a video on full wedge shots ? And how to get extra distance with
your irons?

vassilis01 says:

I play wearing progressive lenses in glasses-no prob. i also wear contacts.

bayjurns says:

Great video! What camera/stabilizer combo are you using? Thanks!

dude not so perfect says:

Love these vids cheers guys

splintair says:

I would like to see you play with some mid handicappers Mark!

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