TaylorMade RBZ Hybrid Stage Two Hybrid RocketBallZ

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TaylorMade RBZ Hybrid Stage Two RocketBallZ reviewed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru and PGA professional. Mark hits the stage two hybrid from TaylorMade golf and talks about how it could help you to play some better golf.

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Rob says:

I bought the 22 degree hybrid and man it is a nice club. A bit heavy but
stupid easy to hit. It really gets the ball up there, so Keep that in mind,
nice sound and I think it looks nice.

Camilo Castiblanco says:

hi mark. what do you think is better get a rbz stage 2 hybrid 22, or get a
titleist 910H 21? help me decide please!

MrSandmaster100 says:

Cheers Mark, As usual for video top notch,I noticed you had the ball very
forward in your stance for this RBZ, I have one of these clubs,can you
advise if this is where the ball should be at set up.?

blip cat says:

The graphics on the club are not what I employ in my set up to the ball. As
long as one strikes the ball consistently in the center of the face and
BTW, “I sight the club face for ball set up” not the top of any club.
IMO no one should be fixated on trival things like club graphics to the
point of constant articulation, which could translate to shallow mental
fobias and surely be present in the background of ones thoughts. End of
Psycho Babble 1

Shaun Taylor says:

Hi mark great video , can you please do a try of an Adams hybrid thinking
of buying the Adams s hybrid which is about £80 or is it worth paying extra
for one I can alter loft on thanks Shaun

Dillon O Callaghan says:

Wat number hybrid would suit between a 5 wood and a 4 iron to an amateur
like me?

MelloTv says:

I’ve watched several of your videos and you really just bash Taylormade and
compliment them at the same time…i dont get it

tillsy23 says:

Tried my mates rbz s2 hybrid today, what a club! silky smooth appearance,
nice and weighty easy to swing hard, and boom the ball off the turf around
the 230-250 yard markers, straight too. I too, now have to have one. But
should I try the SLDR first?

1verybadass says:

I’ve got the TM hybrid Stage 2 tour version 19 with custom Fuji Fuel
shaft… to replace my 2 iron. IMHO, the SOUND is muted & the FEEL sucks
(non-existent). Going back to my Adams or Ping hybrid.

LPB Urns says:

Mark can you share your views on replacing 3 woods with hybrids. Adams XTD
super hybrid 15 degrees up against a titleist 15 degree wood would be great!

FueThengMoua says:

I hit this club almost as long as my Adams Golf LP 3W. It’s going to go
into my bag soon. It was really easy to swing, although I’d prefer a
lighter stock shaft. It’s very forgiving and the launch is just amazing.

Mikey Colunga says:

I think cobra has the advantage on drivers and fair way woods

GolfingLorens says:

Have you got a new jumper Mark? 😉

saxoseb says:

“Almost cheating” love it!

Matt Clark says:

How do you hit a stinger mark?

Michal M says:

I know Mark is busy and doesn’t always have time to answer questions on
here. Can someone please tell me why he doesn’t review ADAMS??

iambuzzlightyear1 says:

I think taylormade clubs are becoming quite gimmicky. The white head was a
nice idea but now with the graphics on top, its just too much.

Matthew Rampersad says:

Great video. This is going to be part of my new set of TM clubs thus year.

Admir Skopic says:

What clubs would you recommend I’m looking to get a new set, I’m handicap
is 19

AdrianH1759 says:

Hi Mark, Much difference between this and the original rbz?

b says:

Im sticking with my burner/ maybe superfast hybrid even though it lays low
it fits the place of a five wood for me

Jack Dent says:

Adams a7 or this I’m so stuck

Lesmc1of3 says:

I’ve got the superfast 2.0 hybrids and they launch brilliantly, and feel so
solid. I don’t know if I need anything better or newer. If I was
considering the RBZ 2 it would probably only be for the change of look.

emil mathiesen says:

i dont think you should think that the stage 2 hybrid isn´t appealing to
you when you´ve used the ping g20 hybrid yourself. (lol) love your vids

Lloyd D says:

I can hit this bad boy over 250 yards its a great club

R Burns says:

Mark, great videos. I really enjoy them. I hear you often talk about in
these reviews about higher handicaps getting help launching the ball high
from the various clubs. I was wondering if you could maybe list some of the
iron and wood shaft out there that you have found to help get the ball into
the air for these folks. Thanks!

hoteltango1 says:

The graphics on this year’s TM clubs make them look like 80’s Sunday
discount market shell suits! Bellends.

mcdijnh2 says:

Yeah, what’s all this about Adams hybrids?!sort out a review Crossfield.
What you not telling us…

Lloyd D says:

Try the covert fairwaways and hybrid

thesaunders8 says:

I used to swear by my 2 and 3 iron. Last season I switched to a Nike 2
Hybrid 18* SQ MachSpeed (old stock, but better numbers) after getting a new
set of irons that started at a 4 iron. I will never go back, I do love my 4
iron though, I’ll never get rid of that!

doublet91 says:

Compare to JPX 825…

Eric Davis says:

PING – they can grow with you.

81Justathought says:

I have no prob with long irons but I love my 3 & 4 hybrid. Only problem I
have ( if you want to call it one ) i can hit my 4 hybrid about 20+ yards
more then my 3 and I’m thinking of taking out a wedge and getting a 2 hybrid

rotaryaddict says:

I hit my 4 iron only at about 175 yards and I can’t hit my woods at all.
This was my very first hybrid and it is AWSOME! 200++ yards easy. changed
my game big time. LOVE IT!!!

slvr42 says:

For every hybrid I see I ask one important question… But does it fade?

NapCFA says:

This is a great club. I bought the 19* 3H to replace my 3I. I liked it so
much, I went back and bought the 22* 4H and 25* 5H. So… I have a 3-4-5
iron for sale if anyone wants them. LOL

ZeroSumJ1 says:

Love the outfit mark. Sharp sweater

Nathan Rhodes says:

Great review as always.. I have the RBZ stage 1 hybrid.. Its a very easy
club to use.. Totally agree.

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