TaylorMade Stealth vs SIM2 Max | TaylorMade Drivers Comparison

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Short Swing Maximizer

The new TaylorMade Stealth driver represents a transition to a new age in TaylorMade Drivers, featuring an all-carbon construction for the first time. This new design, powered by TaylorMade's 60X Carbon Twist Face, helps create more ball speeds and higher forgiveness levels for golfers.

Why You Should Copy Jon Rahm's Swing…

Jon Rahm is the number 1 golfer in the world. And when you watch him
swing he has a very short backswing, as you can see here:

Most golfers want to lengthen their swing. But what if you could
shorten your swing and hit the ball longer, more consistently and
it was easier on your body?

Well, I've found a golf pro that has developed a system to help
you shorten your swing and play better golf. And this is especially
relevant if you're over the age of 50.

I have arranged with him a special for you on his new system that
you can see here:

Shorten Your Swing?

Butch Harmon is famous for saying…


But you can't just go out and shorten your swing, because if you do
that you will hit the ball shorter. You need to know exactly how to
do it so you shorten your swing AND hit the ball longer, more
consistently and it's all in sequence.

Often when people shorten their golf swing they get out of sequence
and rush the swing, and therefore get bad results. But there is a way
to do it that will help you improve your ball striking a lot because
it's more efficient. To find out how to do that go here.

Sweet spotted…

P.S. What do you think would be more efficient for the average golfer?

A swing with more moving parts or one with less.

Obviously the one with less. And that's why this is going to be
a very, very important program for you to invest in. Better ball
striking with more efficiency and longer drives. Go here to see
how it's done.

Only $47…



James Park says:

I bought the Sim2 Max late last year. For me personally it’s the worst performing driver I’ve had in years and I had a fitting session. Performance on course nothin* like performance during fitting session……

Paul O'Neil says:

Was at the range yesterday and the guy next to me had a new Stealth Max 10.5 head – I'm a current Callaway Epic Max LS 9.0, closed to 10.0 but with the weight fully in the toe player. We opened the Stealth Max head fully to play at 8.5. The stock Stiff Shaft was a little soft, but de-lofted/opened fully, it was still Draw biassed in my opinion – but it was long and repeatable with a high-flighted trajectory. My guess is that 10.5 Max head would fit a lot of golfers

Josephine Campbell says:

My swing speed
Nice to see instead of higher faster speeds. Ypu need to do the Callaway Rogue Rt v the original rogue.

Solarbear88 says:

Would be curious if Skylar gets better results from a 3 wood.

deezldude says:

You're really not going see a big difference between these two clubs. But if you're updating from an m4 from 2018 to the Stealth…. you will see a huge difference especially hitting with the correct shafts.

Brent says:

Now they need to do a wedge head to head! Blade or cavity back style.

Charlie Pereira says:

I've been waiting all year to see this match up. Noone has done till now thank you 😊

Nick Millar says:

Don’t even notice the red face at address

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