Golf Grip Lesson Left Hand Issues

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Golf Grip Lesson Left Hand Issues. Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru helps more golfers with their swings via his golf app. This time he is looking at a common problem with holding the golf club in the left hand and how it could effect your golf shots.

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Stephane Gauthier says:

That’s a problem (moving grip) not a lot of people mentions and I’ve
suffered from this for a long time.
Great video.

Coochicoo says:

I’ve been learning golf for a few months now and sorting my left hand grip
has made the biggest difference in sorting my swing out. Wish I’d done it
right from the start.

Christian V Petersen says:

Hi Marc! Love the show, always learn stuff! I have a question regarding
shaped-shots with wedges: How come it feels harder to shape a LW-SW-GW
right or left compared to a mid-iron? I have more spin on wedges but less
movement side-ways?

Josh Parham says:

Mark could you do a video or point me to the video that has more about the
left hand “revving” as you call it? 

Lesmc1of3 says:

That last comment you made Mark, about wearing the palm out of the glove.
That just sealed it for me. That is exactly where my gloves wear out. And
you’re also spot on about feeling a little extra hinging at the top of the
swing, which has probably got a lot to do with my overswing

robocop30301 says:

nice vid, this is a great way to better understand where the club should
sit in the left hand. 

Russell Oaks says:

Not to be a dummy but what are you saying at the beginning of each video?
It almost sounds like “let’s get stuck in”

Sameer Siddiq says:

I’ve embraced the revving in my swing and it’s really helped me hit more
pure and solid shots, with both the driver and irons. Thanks Mark!

David Elfström says:

Would big hands/thin grips be a component in making this grip fault? 

kingshearer2 says:

I wear my glove pad out so my left hand is definitely wrong, thanks again.

Jake Conroy says:

tried this last weekend i actually drew a line across my fingers on my
glove to help visually when gripping, it helped enormously. 

Andre De Can says:

As always, your videos make me want to have your babies..

Lesmc1of3 says:

…I mean hinging within the left hand, as the butt moves up to the
fingers. I’ll try this next time out thanks.

Stian Hytten says:

Thank you. This is really helpful

Ian Wallace says:

I must try this one thank you

Russell Oaks says:

Not to be a dummy but what are you saying at the beginning of each video?
It almost sounds like “let’s get stuck in”

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