The ultimate golf lesson: Plane and Release by feel.

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Ninja_Prime says:

This is a great drill. It explains a lot. Thanks for sharing.

ProPutt says:

If you concentrate on and learn to “swing the clubhead”, and feel the
weight of the clubhead during the entire swing, you won’t have to worry
about swing mechanics. Your swing plane, body, etc. will follow your
“swing” and put you in all these perfect positions and you release
naturally when you “swing the clubhead”. The golf swing is only 1.5 seconds
long, so you can’t consciously be thinking of of all these positions in
such a short time frame. I don’t know of any touring pro that doesn’t
concentrate on anything but “swinging the clubhead” from putter to driver.
The game must be played by FEEL. Yes… The golf swing is that easy if you
concentrate only on the weight of the clubhead only during the entire swing
and you must feel it. Try it and watch yourself hit better than you ever
have in your lifetime.

Metal1412 says:

A+++ Great video!

x sauceda says:

because it’s easier to attain a higher swing speed standing straight up vs
in a golf posture I noticed after swinging at full speed standing upright,
i noticed a strengthened my arms, wrists, etc to such a degree that
smashing a ball took almost no effort. 

invisaman75 says:

Wow, that explained a lot questions I had about the full swing. Thank you!

Tony Cabro says:

Nice. Thanks for the clarification.

On a side note. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like all of today’s
lessons “teach” you all the wrong things only so you will keep taking
lessons. Brilliant repeat business practice. 

Tony Robinson says:

Thank you for this explanation. This is really helpful.

Steve Devich says:

Thanks, finally something makes sense to me! Like your videos.

ray blackburn says:


mobydoug says:

What a wonderfully simple, clear, lesson. If only I had seen this years
ago I wouldn’t have had to re-invent the wheel myself. This boils the
swing down to its essentials.

Ryan Newstrom says:

mind = blown

Chris Smth says:

You are fantastic Monte.Thanks for all your helpful videos….this one
really is the ultimate!

Richard Davies says:


whetedge says:

The club might be on plane, but the plane of the arm/shoulder triangle
opens way up, and has to come back to the shoulder plane at impact. I know
this is what most all tour players do, and what is taught today. I have
much better success swinging the plane of the triangle on it’s plane,
keeping the club head square to it’s arc; no rotation of the forearms.
Swinging in this manner, with the hands at the top of the back swing barely
above waist high, I hit high soaring 5 iron 190-200 yds carry, straight as
an arrow, and I’m 65 yrs, not in particular good shape. In my youth,
swinging as Monte illustrates here, the best I could muster was about 175
with the 5 iron, and direction never predictable. I think I’ll stick with
swinging the triangle on it’s plane.

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