GOLF: How To Add 30+ Yards To Your Driver With One Downswing Move

How To Add 30+ Yards To Your Driver With One Downswing Move

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Sometimes the way folks initiate the downswing with the driver is a little bit off and it ends up costing them a lot of distance.

We know there is a correlation between angle of attack – or how your club head approaches the ball – and distance off the tee. Relative to the same club head speed, increasing angle of attack can add significant distance to your drives.

Joe Mayo recently put out a video where he describes how when watching really good drivers of the golf ball you will see that from the top of their backswing the club head center of mass moves upward, back behind them and around towards the target.

What I see more of is people working the club head and hands down and towards the ball. The problem with that is that makes the angle of attack too steep. You can hit the ball solid and hit fairways this way, but you are costing yourself distance.

You want the club head to take the widest circle possible to the golf ball for the best angle of attack and optimum distance.


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21 thoughts on “GOLF: How To Add 30+ Yards To Your Driver With One Downswing Move

  1. I remember when I was 17, I had my driver ball position off my front ear. For me, that's too far back.

    At the time, I could barely carry the ball 160 with driver. Had 80 mph. I basically moved the ball forward in my stance upwards off my left shoulder, and started hitting the ball 200 and dead straight.

    God knows how many people will disagree, but an upwards angle of attack vs. a steep angle of attack really does help you gain 40 yards or so. I know because I experienced it.

    Recently (last 4 years) I changed my ball position back to outside my ear, but now with increased clubhead speed (110) I hit the ball around 250 in the air with no roll (spinrate around 4000) I'm certainly going to move the ball more forward like I did when I was 17. I doubt it'll be 40 yards, but maybe 25 or 30 extra.

  2. Shown your video instruction to a friend which has a weak straight down swing over the top and normally carry about 200 yards and suddenly wham!!! extra 30 yards…he was carrying around 210 to 230 yards with better dispersion….his a believer now…

  3. A straight line hand path down to the ball does not provide an efficient release of the up-cocked left wrist. To release the left wrist quickly and powerfully requires a curving or more circular hand arc path. It is like a car taking a slight curve versus going around a sharp corner…the sharp turn generates much more outward-fleeing force. The same is true in a golf swing. A downswing hand arc path going back, down, and around creates a sharper corner at p5.5 (halfway down) and creates much more outward-fleeing force that accelerates the left wrist release and produces much more power (and accuracy). So, you are correct again, bro!

  4. ERIC you are truly one of the very few instructors worth watching. Your stuff is exsplained simply but still but totally logicaly. You make sense , dont stop we need you!

  5. To get this feeling wrap your right thumb as in base ball grip holding club with soft hands, taking thumb out of equation lets weight of club head drop at top of swing I find ,”practice swings”.Once getting that feeling add right thumb back in grip it works for me.great video Eric.

  6. Change the camera or change your cameraman. Focus all flux at one point. But I've always been a fan of your video. Your tips are practical and you make it easier to understand unlike some of the pros. Thank you for the tips!

  7. I have always struggled with my driver and driver distances partly because have focused so much on improving my irons and hence negative angle of attack. Frustrating. This video has helped me understand much better and something for me to try. Excited to try and if works will be key to reducing my handicap as this is the weak part of my game v

  8. Stone B.S. use stop motion to see the club in the downward angle/arc. there is no push away at the start of the down swing. Look at the right elbow. Just sayin'

  9. great explanation of how to get extension at the beginning of the downswing. By pushing your hands away you can actually increase wrist lag. Also heard it described as pulling an arrow out of the quiver.

  10. Great Vids, Thanks for all the great golfing info! unfortunately my golfing game is always what your showing not to do! but know i know how to correct it! the long journey begins………

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