Golf Iron Fitting | Switching From Game-Improvement Irons To Players Irons

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In any golf iron fitting, it's important for the fitter to nail in the correct iron category for the players. Then, the golf iron fitting can progress and a single model can be identified that is best for his or her swing.

In this video, 2nd Swing video and content specialist Michael Bohnenstingl goes through a Tour Van iron fitting. As a 7.1 handicap, Michael is a candidate to transition from a game-improvement iron (his TaylorMade M4 irons) to a players irons that offer better feel and more workability.

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David McNamara says:

I use a combo set : mizuno mp 53 7-8 iron, mp64 9 iron, mp 69 Pw.
6 iron is a 28 deg hybrid.
Best irons ever made, from the golden age of mizuno!!!!

ry byan says:

Poor idiot wearing a mask

Cameron Reddy says:

Okay, that was a really intelligent fitting. I want him to fit me!

MGR says:

No one looks down at a club a goes " did I make the right choice because of the way the club looks" 😂😂 if the ball goes on your intended path and you improve that is the proof you made the right choice.

This fitting was horrible 😂 two car sales men … I bet his handicap went up after this

NCtrail4R says:

Looks like your dispersion got much wider in switching to a less forgiving club. Maybe try a T200 or T300 or maybe the p790 instead. Too many people make decisions based on ego rather than playing the club that actually matches their swing. Zalatoris, Thomas and Speith play the T100s.

A.M Golf says:

That old dude was dreadfull holy crap

Riggz says:

Damn he made a big jump didn’t he. Didn’t expect him to come out swinging like that 😂

Kenny GR says:

If you guys want me to continue watching your videos at work, I highly suggest you get your audio in order. JEESH

M Maranta says:

I like blades because they’re easier to clean than cavity backs.

Taylor Bertrim says:

Played all the time up until i was 20.
Just started again at 38.
I went got nyself some Cobra Speedzone irons to relearn on. High loft and more forgiving.

I'll switch next year when I have found my swing again and worked out any bad habits.

Nathan Quillen says:

IDK but this footing compared to others channels I’ve seen seems more like a product sale. The M4’s he came in with performed better than basically everything he was given. Where’s the dispersion pattern? Where is he hitting it on the face? What’s the lie angle of each club? Ok he’s fading the ball off line a bit, where was the adjustment from the club fitter to neutral out the ball flight.

This guy would’ve probably been best off getting his M4’s regroved and possibly a different shaft.

Moedark says:

great swing, but the guy on the left needs to reduce his adderral dosage.

Andrew Leonard says:

What is the brand of shirt that the host is wearing? Dig that button down collar.

Everything22 says:

I went from P790 to T100S this year. Couldn’t be happier

210corona says:

Hair dude is on mad yayo lmao

210corona says:

Wash your ass and wash your clubs!

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