Golf Irons Comparison | 2021 Players Distance Irons Ultimate Test

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The players-distance iron category is becoming more and more popular for golfers. This golf irons comparison takes a look at seven of the most popular players-distance irons in 2nd Swing fittings so far in 2021. This test includes the following irons: PING i500, Titleist T200, Mizuno JPX 921 Forged, TaylorMade P790, Callaway Apex 21, Cobra KING Forged Tec, and Srixon ZX5.

2nd Swing's Drew Mahowald and Thomas Campbell compare all seven models against one another using Trackman to identify the similarities and differences.

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J C says:

Another really informative and interesting video guys.

steven simpson says:

Replaced my irons with the ZX5s for this season can't wait to get out and play with them

Randy Mahony says:

Love these comparison videos. Come to Connecticut.

Kevin Ellis says:

All of these irons in this category are pretty damn good. I recently upgraded to the ping i500 Orange dot with stiff modus shaft from AP 1 and they have been great. The ball flight, looks, and playability are the biggest highlights for me to report back.

Cameron Loveless says:

Great test guys. That Srixon impressed big time. Would Wilson D7 Forged be another option? I know you can’t hit too many, but would love to see how it stacks up against these as it is also 31 deg loft

Troy Pluimer says:

Cobra not getting any love. Just my opinion but they are the best looking club out of the 7. Feel and sound are subjective but all the reviews I've read and watched on the tec said they were the best feeling and sounding irons out there.

D Loc says:

Great review!! Thx gentlemen

Jim Smith says:

Brilliant video, your stuff is awesome, no one does it better. Thanks guys. You deserve 500k subscribers.

Kain Garthwaite says:

Would be nice to see the Ben Hogan ptx pro irons added to this test considering they are $400-500 cheaper than the rest of these sets

Ian Jackson says:

What golf ball did you use for testing?

andrew thompson says:

I play the zx5 irons and they are very unrated. I was reluctant to try them but when I did they were straight in my bag

J says:

Great video guys. Keep the content coming!

Stuart James says:

Had the chance to compare the ZX5 & ZX7 side by side today. They look awesome and I can’t wait to test them…… ⛳️???

Mj says:

I don’t agree with mizuno dispersion circle seems excessive

MrRatFinkster says:

How do you gap a set like this when your 7 iron is 195 yards? If that put yours 9 iron at 175 yards, that leaves an insane gap to a lob wedge.

Joakim Uvegård says:

Good test guys?

Michael Griggs says:

Gaming the ZX5 irons this year after hitting them and the p790s. Amazing clubs. Feel was so much better then the p790s for me.

Son Of A Sosa says:

Perfect timing

Dean Hunter says:

Really good content in this as in all your reviews, wanted to add the over view of shot hight and disbursement is much better keep that view moving forward please

Donsmnc says:

Interesting that the Srixon rose toward the top across the board on performance against all the major equipment makers, a serious contender for consideration for sure

BoardSports says:

Thx Guys! Great comparison!! I got fitted for the i500 with the Nippon Modus 3 105Tour stiff shaft 2 years ago and I still love them. The foregivness is just awesome with the i500, yes they are a little louder at impact, but even the feeling for me with the Nippon shaft is just pure butter.

Steven Lee says:

It looks like you should have taken out the shot that went left for the Srixon. Was there a reason you kept it and took one out of the cluster of center shots?

Robert Acierno says:

I hate that you did this video! This is my iron category, and I love my apex/apex pro 19 combo set. I just assembled it custom to me…but I want all of these sets! They’re new and incredible and it’s so difficult not buying new clubs

Greg Smith says:

Great comparison love the video….

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