Golf Keep Elbows Close Together ➜ More Consistency And Accuracy

Golf Keep Elbows Close Together ➜ More Consistency And Accuracy

In this video, you'll learn all about golf keep elbows close together, and how it transforms your consistency and accuracy around the golf course. Most professional golfers keep their elbows close together during the golf swing which helps them maintain a consistent arc. This leads to more predictable impact positions and better strikes on the ball.

When you keep elbows close together in golf swing it makes it easier to maintain a consistent low point in the downswing. This results in the clubhead striking the golf ball at the right time resulting in more pure strikes. All golfers can apply this to their golf swing. Enjoy the feeling of playing better golf and shooting lower scores on the golf course.

Video credit: @MichaelJohnField

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24 thoughts on “Golf Keep Elbows Close Together ➜ More Consistency And Accuracy

  1. I used to have a big problem with heeling every club, i tried this method a couple of years ago and it does improve strike.

  2. Another brilliant swing tip! Elbows together solves a lot of problems. The "feel" induces a swing as opposed to the hit. My consistently has improved dramatically and it has not impacted distance, although it feels shorter and less aggressive.

    Easy is good right? Thanks Troy

  3. Troy, I have known about this for years, but did I do it – NO. Ben Hogan demonstrated this in his book, that I have sadly lost. Only very recently have I practised what you demonstrate and what a world of difference it makes. No more the feel of manipulation of the club on downswing where I would struggle to make a square clubface. Done correctly, I have seen far more power than ever before. Thanks as always for your instruction that is most helpful to an aging senior.

  4. I've tried many tips but lately really struggled with ball contact and speed of downswing. I've just added the "keep elbows closer and keep trail elbow pit facing forward" and my swing is transformed.
    I can actually feel my trail arm folding far better but it has also lowered my swing plane and smoothed out my downswing so this seems to be my personal light bulb moment.

  5. Your teaching always explains golf in ways a moderate player can understand and implement in their game without getting mired in overthinking the swing
    Thank you Troy

  6. Excellent video Troy on keeping the elbows close together. Yesterday on the course, I was focusing on dropping my arms down in front of me so the elbows were just touching my sides prior to my set up. I tried to keep this feeling throughout my swing and I felt I was hitting more solid shots. I do have one of the elastic bands you mentioned that keeps the arms close, but I do not use it that often. Like you, I try to maintain the feeling!!

  7. If you envision a swing robot, it has only one arm that rotates about the center. We have one hand below the other on the club, so it's easy for our right elbow to fly out if we're not careful. By keeping the elbows close together, we are effectively trying to make two arms into one arm like a swing robot. We overlap or interlock our right hand grip which shortens the right arm a bit. I think one golfer even overlaps 2 fingers of his right hand to shorten his right arm even further.

  8. 3:43 I apologise if I may have asked you this before, but can you kindly remind me who this player is? I am guilty of errors 1, 2 and 3! Needless to say I have to address these swing flaws! Thanks for taking the time to post this video! The journey continues!

  9. Golfers won’t have to think of keeping their elbow close together at all if they simply start their backswing pushing their lead forearm back and allowing all the bones and joints inside their body to join them as they must stay balanced throughout their swing. And then every golfer must start their downswing by simply pushing all the bones and joints below their belly button. Believe me their entire swing will fall into place. It is really that simple

    Why and how this happens to be true is to know this facts of life

    Inside our body our bones and joints can only push and give us directions in whatever we are doing in life. Our muscles can only supply the pulling power and the energy for our bones and joints to move in any direction we want to as we are performing our tasks in life . Try staying in balance as you walk through life. It is easy right! So are we pulling ourselves through life or pushing our self through life. Science says our bones are pushing us as our muscles are pulling pulling us. So because of this the golfers should never consciously be pulling anything especially the golf club as it is actually pulling them. Cheers

  10. What you do not say but what is implicit in what you are saying is that it is important to keep elbows together or the distance between the elbows to remain the same throughout the swing is to maintain constancy of radius that leads to consistency in contact. Changing the radius of the swing arc by varying the distance between the elbows is very harmful to consistency of contact. Good points you are making.

  11. Great advice and this is what I'm working on with my teacher. Using a ball at beginning was very helpful. Much better consistency of strike now. Cheers

  12. Unless you rotate in the bs and forward swing correctly, the elbows won't be together, it's the effect but rotation is the reason.

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