To play golf to a high level, you need to develop the three fundamental ball striking skills of CONTACT (strike), DISTANCE (power production) and DIRECTION (shot curve and dispersion).

Last week, we discussed the WRISTS – https://youtu.be/gFU21qshmzo
This week, we're taking ARMS and ELBOWS.

The arms are at the heart of controlling the swing's radius, which is an important piece to manage if you want to control the three fundamental tasks. Two of the Stack & Tilt 10 WORDS are ARMS STRAIGHT which is an indication of the importance of keeping the arms together and managing the radius of the swing.

A worldwide epidemic that defines poor golf is the excessive bending and flexing of the arms throughout the swing. This makes controlling the swing's radius too random and fleeting – a perfect recipe for poor golf shots and frustrated golfers.

This video explores the role the arms play during the swing and how their movement influences the wrists and forearms. Simply put, by keeping the arms straight and the elbows SQUEEZED together, you can improve your ability to perform all three fundamentals more consistently.

There are multiple different training aids that are available to help you with this part of the swing. In this video, I use the STRUCTURE BALL from Watson Golf (makers of The Hanger), but I also like the TOUR STRIKER SMART BALL which is designed with the same purpose in mind.

TOUR STRIKER SMART BALL video – https://youtu.be/XdtV6EP6NCI

LEFT ARM STRAIGHT video – https://youtu.be/c0r2S6OTiCU
S&T ARMS STRAIGHT video – https://youtu.be/muiV2L4Kg7g

Watch Eric Cogorno's video from this week on the same subject – https://youtu.be/_c74V0StCkI

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  1. The more the right wrist bends back, the more pressure ( squeezing ) toward the left elbow. So for driver, at top I already have the club shallowed. Is this too soon, or shall I slower the bend back rate on the right wrist? And shall the right elbow and right wrist work independently from the left shoulder in dsw so that the last not to raise high too early, coming to P6?

  2. How often would you use a training aid like this in a practice session on the range. For example, would you spend the 1st 20 minutes using this device (block practice) and then move into specific targets and different clubs. I really struggle with this!! I am not sure how to get the most out of this training aid because it's not translating onto to the golf course. Any suggestions on how I should structure my practice sessions (which I do a lot) would be greatly appreciated!

  3. I was to lose in my back swing. Had the chicken wing thing happening from time to time. I am currently a 3 handicap. I worked on this arm positioning a bit and yesterday I shot a 5 under 67. 32 on the front and 35 on the back. Driver down to the SW my shots were very consistent and actually gained distance. Only missed one green in regulation. I will have to concentrate on this feeling until it becomes second nature to me. Thanks for this lesson.

  4. Thank you so much for showing your videos. I have learnt a great deal which I intend to put into practice. I am also very impressed with how you explain and demonstrate each movement. I really wish all Golf- Trainers show your ability of learning golf beginners like myself. Thank you very much indeed. I know I speak for a lot of beginners when I ask you to please carry on showing more videos.

  5. After a lot of inconsistency this year I tried many YT videos to little effect. This elbow technique has on its own improved my swing and plane, esp when in conjunction with the right elbow facing out….
    So many benefits from this one point….

  6. Rob- outstanding info ????! I found out in my backswing I started the take away with my right arm and my elbows came apart immediately! Once I purchased the ball it taught me what to do! Thanks so much for the great education – cheers????????????????⛳️????

  7. I used this formula yesterday with a maximum 3/4 swing and dropped 10 storks plus hit the ball 10-20 yard's longer. Going to do it again tomorrow ????️‍♀️

  8. I've been binge watching your videos all weekend Rob. Your teaching of the stack and tilt method really makes a lot of sense to me and has been extremely helpful. Thank you so much!

  9. Keeping the arms/elbows in close to the body during rotation is a great point unless you are creating tension in the arms and hands which destroys the ability to get distance.

  10. Excellent , a compliment to Ben Hogan's written instruction . Went out and hit 40 eight(8) irons ( some pulls , but that stopped when I started down by moving the left side of my pelvis first ) . Then I hit around 35 three (3) woods . That part was amazing ! Maybe one pull and the distance was good . Then I finished with about fifteen (15) , left handed five (5) irons . Distance was much further than from the right side BUT the point is , they were controlled shots . I would say that the pattern out where all the balls were laying when I went to pick them up , was only 15 feet wide . That is incredible !
    ( i didn't mention that i absolutely detest that 3 wood ( i hate it ! ) . so when i hit them so straight , i wondered what i was doing wrong . )

    Great video , thank you !

  11. Rob this was brilliant how you explained this important topic! I was playing the other day and was erratic until the last few holes. I started thinking connection (squeezing a little) and noticed my lower body more in sync with my upper and nothing but straight shots the rest of the way…pretty sure I had very little lower body action early in the round

  12. Great instruction again!. I keep my elbows "in" on the backswing and the elbow tucked. But now you have me wondering about at ball strike and follow thru? I have to pay attention to that on follow thru as you say it will help with extending on the follow thru which I'm not I succeed at all the time.

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