Golf Lesson How To Choose The Correct Golf Clubs Mark Crossfied talks about custom fitting and how to choose the correct golf clubs for your golf. Custom fitting allows you to pick golf equipment based on a number of factors to help you play your best golf.

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  1. Great vid Mark. Because I’m only 5’6″ and have just used standard clubs,
    i’ve always caught the club at the heel, like the upright club in your vid,
    and just didn’t know it. I just got fitted for the first time by a pro.
    Ordered TM Burner 2.0 with reg flex shafts, 3.5* flat, 0.5 inch shorter
    shafts….Should be here in 10 days, hopefully they will feel better and
    will improve my game.

  2. Hi mark, great vid as usual. I have an 80ish mph swing. I would like more
    height on my irons and especially on my wedges. Would I get better results
    from a reg shaft in my wedges as opposed to the wedge flex currently in

  3. Great videos mate! Im so bummed out right now, brother sold me he’s newly
    purchased TaylorMade Burner Superlaunch last summer for right about 110euro
    so i couldnt say no =) (the still go for about 565euro in sweden). Problem
    is that their flex is regular and I’ve got a feeling that im a person that
    wouldnt go better with stiff ;/ When do you guys think that customfitting
    is worth it handicap-wise and on what sort of price-range clubs? Im only at
    26 at about now, started last summer for real.

  4. What’s the best way to evaluate Driver length and lie? They don’t hit the
    ground and a lot of driver swings are more about inconsistency in the swing
    and contact than the lie. Please recommend a way to evaluate on the range
    to give the pro an idea of tendencies that will help them.

  5. The big question is finding a place/person to fit them correct. I have been
    to some retailers that are useless and only interested in selling clubs (in
    New Zealand) trusting the fitter is the big thing.

  6. I went to the Taylormade fitting lab, and got custom fitted. I enjoyed the
    experience. It helped me realize how I was coming into the ball. The new
    custom clubs I got from it have really helped narrow my dispersion. I would
    recommend custom fitting to everyone.

  7. I’ve never had custem clubs and lost intrest in the sport because my drvies
    have always cork screwed to the left now you have clarified that, thanks.

  8. Great tips. I got fitted at Golf Galaxy before I bought my first set of
    irons and lucky enough the standard lie was perfect for me. I’m looking to
    get a new set this season and will get fit again just to be sure.

  9. Hi Mark, Your app has sorted me right out latley in understanding more
    about the game. Im 6’4 and have recently had my clubs made an inch longer
    with bigger grips, This has helped me stand up straighter and hold the club
    better, the result has mainly been alot more distance out of my irons.

  10. I use standard length clubs with 1 degree flat lie angle. I’m 12 years old
    and five feet one, and I usually hit my irons no more than 15 yards off

  11. thanks for this to clear up how the upright and flat affects shots, im 6
    foot 2 and have standard length and lie im pretty sure, when i got fit like
    a week ago i was hitting off the toe more so he put my specs to 2 degrees
    upright and half inch longer, and also wedges he made half inch longer and
    reg lie because he said the length would make the lie flat. Is this
    sounding proper?

  12. Was custom fit for irons using Mizuno DNA at an AG store hitting into a net
    with a launch monitor and then had a Driver fitting at The Belfry using
    Ping’s nFlight software/launch monitor into a full range – ended up with
    R11. Obviously full range it better but the Mizuno DNA is very good too

  13. hi mark great videos! can you explain how NOT getting fitted for clubs, but
    adjusting one’s setup to suit the clubs can affect ones swing and
    ballflight? (ie. standing taller to suit a club that’s too upright, or
    bending over more to suit a club that’s flatter). i recently just got
    fitted for clubs (jpx800, 2deg flat) using standard clubs i found that my
    shoulder plane was too flat in comparison with my club plane being too
    upright. i hope this makes sense?

  14. This is for Mark or any professional like him. I am an active duty soldier
    stationed in South Korea and I really want to get fitted. I own a stock
    2012 Taylormade RBZ club and iron set. Do you know of any Taylormade
    fitting center or any English speaking fitting center I can go to? Love the
    videos and the apps. Mark, you have helped lower me handicap and improve my
    game. Thanks!!

  15. hi mark i understand club flex is important to swing speed in club fitting
    but i cant understand the loft lie . That test was conducted on a level
    board, a golf course isn,t level i.e uphill lie downhill lie surely an
    standard length club would suit most average height players because to me
    you would have to improvise just the same as the standard club with
    different golf course lies. but then again i am new to this game thanks.

  16. @SoJo414 That does not make sense… I am 5’7″ with a 28-1/2″ inseam…
    When going through the Ping measuring system my numbers show either a
    standard length club or one that is 1/4″ shorter with a standard lie…
    Personally, it’s all about hitting the ball in the sweet spot on the club
    face… With enough practice you can hit a club that is too long or too
    short for your measurements even with the incorrect lie… It is just much
    easier to hit it good with a correct fitting…

  17. I went for a fitting for my Titleist AP2 712 irons back in
    September/October 2011. Got my clubs around Christmas 2011. Before I was
    playing stock Callaway X18 irons. Big difference between the custom-fitted
    clubs and the stock clubs. You feel more confident knowing you got the
    right equipment and can be more aggressive into attacking more flags. Now
    I’m getting more birdie chances with my AP2’s than I ever did with my X18

  18. im 6ft4 and i keep slicing borrowed clubs. is this because the clubs are
    too small and so instead of hitting the ground with the inside of the club,
    i hit with the outside?

  19. I never buy any clubs without custom fitting. My measurements are sent away
    so the clubs can be made to suit my game. Spend the money and you will play
    better golf. Don’t budget yourself on things that make a difference. My
    cubs cost me 90-100 pound more than a set of the rack because I have them
    custom fitted.

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