Golf lesson that can change your life – Coming over the Top – by Charlie Sorrell

PGA Master Professional and Certified PGA Instructor Charlie Sorrell shows you why you Come over the Top in your golf swing.

36 thoughts on “Golf lesson that can change your life – Coming over the Top – by Charlie Sorrell

  1. And this is going to change my life??? Another over the top video to add to
    the hundreds already on you tube??????????????????????????????????????

  2. Very good. Especially the part about dropping the right elbow.Just like my
    PGA instr says.I would love to see it done over with more attention on
    kicking the right knee (like Greg Norman did) to keep from over the top.
    PS I finally took the pvc pipes off on 3rd hole, was hard to sit in the
    cart that way.

  3. Yeah, the plumbing is cumbersome but he’s still talking about swinging on
    plane. First .30 seconds is all you need. If you swing on plane with the
    proper weight shift your knee will automatically know its function.
    Focusing on your knee for an over-the-topper just complicates things.

  4. That’s the story of golf swing lessons in a nutshell: the instructor says
    “it’s very simple” then pulls out PVC pipe, bungee cords, goats, chicken, a

  5. This is exactly what I was doing but I was trying to fix it from the top
    down (shoulders) instead of from the bottom up (hips and left leg). A few
    practice swings with some balls proves this works. I’m an 8 handicap and
    hit the ball straight or with a draw but I still had the tendency to come
    over the top and pull it left on occasion. The problem was the left leg.
    Thanks for a great lesson.

  6. This explanation is only half right. Most people who are watching this are
    seeing that his hips and knees are rotating just like he said not to do.
    Here is the correct explanation. As you turn on your back swing, as you
    near the top, the first move is a lateral move with your left hip towards
    the target. This move automatically drops your hands down into the slot as
    explained in Hogans book. The turn o the hips to the left happens
    automatically after the lateral move. It’s impossible not to.

  7. “Nice Job” relating the correct connective flow of the swing “Bottom to
    Top” …There’s too much out there preaching “your own swing” when, in
    fact, there are principles and a way to swing that produces good results
    for “everyone”. …The more who see your Video, the more will appreciate
    what it takes to get the job done. …”Perfect Demo” and I’m sure Mr. Hogan
    would give you a “thumbs up” … Thanks, …DrDom … Golf Nucleus .com
    Thanks for the Video.

  8. These tips are a waste of time. Coming over the top is totally caused by
    what the mind thinks is happening. The body will only do what the mind
    tells it to Changing the mental imagery of what the player is trying to do
    is the only way to stop it Proof is in the fact that NO ONE TAUGHT anyone
    to come over the top, it is totally intuitive If no one taught anyone to
    come over the top, why do a large proportion of Players do it? Because
    that’s how they THINK the ball should be hit, and it’s WRONG

  9. Look peope, you don’t need to go to all that trouble to avoid coming over
    the top. All you have to do is learn to focus on an area slightly inside
    the inner half of the ball and learn to swing through that point. You have
    to learn to trust your eyes and your body will adapt.

  10. Absolutely what I’ve been trying to discover for 50 years and hundreds of
    lesson. Now I can start 2 feet right and draw it. Thanks Every instructor
    said up and down should be on sameline. Easy to do on range but on the
    course being pumpted-up and nervous, it will not happen, Will come-over-top.

  11. Interesting video. I’ve received instruction from some of the best pros,
    but none has been able to cure me of the over the top. I can drill for
    hours. But on the course, its over the top!

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