Pro Golf Lessons with Dean Hartman (Lesson 2: Ball Position)

Here's a ball position drill that guarantees that you will have the correct ball position on all of you shots including putting and chipping.

Essentially there are 2 ball positions, one with irons and putter and the other with woods.

For irons, simply place your feet together with the ball positioned opposite your right toe.

Then flare your left foot out towards the target approximately 20 degrees and take a small step to the right with your right foot.

If you are playing a short iron such as an 8 iron through your wedges, your step to the right should be approximately 2 inches less than should width. This will have the ball located just forward of the centre of your stance.

For all other irons and hybrids, you can repeat the same flare and step process but step to shoulder width when you place your right foot.

This will place the ball below your heart which is where the bottom of your swing arc should be.

The reason for the shorter step with the short irons is that the ball will be located just behind your heart, which will have the clubhead arriving to the ball on a slightly descending angle of approach.

Chip shots

For chip shots, you can place the ball off of your back toe and then flare your right foot 20 degrees towards your target but no step to the right is necessary.

This will have the ball positioned back in your stance and allow you to keep your weight on your left side.

This insures a steeper angle of approach of the clubhead to the ball which is important for solid contact.

For putts, use the same drill. With your feet together, place the ball off your back toe. This time it is not necessary to flare the left toe out.

Simply take a small step to the right with your right foot and you will find that the ball is located below your heart.

Again, this will be the bottom of the swing arc which guarantees a solid strike on the ball with your straight faced putter.

For woods

For woods, start with your feet together but now position the ball off of your left toe. Then repeat the flare and step process but your step will be approximately 2 inches wider than your shoulders.

This will place the ball forward of your heart which is important when you want the clubhead to be swinging slightly upward at impact. – Golf Mirror

11 thoughts on “Pro Golf Lessons with Dean Hartman (Lesson 2: Ball Position)

  1. Hi Dean, Great video, hope you get to listen to the video. Btw I’ve tried
    it and my ball striking is better and direction too. Thanks, hope to see
    more, reinfroced my training. ps. I’ll be looking forward to train under
    your supervison hopefully soon.

  2. I have started using this on all my shots. My irons have never been
    straighter. The woods are coming around too. Went from a bad hook and pull
    to straight or slight fade.

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