Golf Lesson Left Foot Control

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Golf Lesson Left Foot Control golf tips and drill with AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield. Learn how moving your pressure onto your left foot could help you improve your strikes and help you play some better golf. This is another swing fix with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru helping golfers from around the world play some better golf.

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Vici Martynov says:

Dont know how it started or why but i lift my left heel during a drive back
swing. I don’t do this for any other club but a driver. It was pointed out
to me as a fault by the other ladies and I had no idea when i started doing
it or that i was doing it but, i soon discovered its the source of a lot of
my power (courtesy of a Callaway tip). I may be right handed but my left
foot is dominant and the stamp down through strike seems to add about 20
yards or more to the drive. As you say, by then my pelvis has moved across
to the tee position and i get a lot of power from the ground up through my
left hip as my leg straightens through the strike. I wouldn’t dream of
changing this swing now, apart from occasionally topping the ball (practice
should sort that) it does the business.

Joshua Love says:

Mark, great vid as always.. Quick question If you don’t mind.. is there an
‘easy fix’ for a snap slice when hitting driver? I hit it very easily as a
natural swing and get good distance but it snaps off to the right almost at
a right angle.. Is it just a load of spin on the ball??

9tube1 says:

Good video Mark. For two years I have been fighting to get back to my left
side at impact. I have no “feel” in my swing to accomplish that goal and
simply end up with weight on the right foot. Very frustrating and feel I
have simply “lost my swing.”

Birdmanbanana says:

mark you should play at the old course st andrews

CR7hg says:

Heh that’s exactly my problem, will try these tips tomorrow. Thanks 

Dirk Diggler says:

Mark I need some help well me and son are just starting out I’ll need to
show you our swings but more concerns for my son as he’s 11 and am no
mentor at all am rubbish too

Mezident says:

Mark, love the course blogs and your q&a channel as well, isn’t this what
jb Holmes and John Daly do when they power the ball down 300+?? Keep up the
great videos #playgolf

jeffreysconway says:

Its good to get back to the basics……

david chapman says:

great vid as always mark – my left foot always ends up pointing at target –
fault or not?

Peter Hogan says:

Fantastic stuff

Jim Smith says:

Gret stuff. I try to take my left leg/foot out of the equation and just try
to get my right glute and tailbone to go from 30 degrees inside from the
backswing to the target so it’s turning 120 degrees around the left hip.
Gets the glutes activated haha.

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