Golf Lob Flop Shot Short Game Lesson

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Golf Lob Flop Shot Short Game Lesson with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks about how to improve your golf short game and hit a great lob/ flop shot with a open face and a straight swing path. Improve your golf short game with this great chipping lesson from one of YouTubes best loved golf professionals. Use the bounce on your lob wedge for the best results and lower scores.


Ted Bugenski says:

Hi Mark – great video as usual. Titleist has so many options for their
wedges now, it is confusing. Which bounce / grind would be the closest to
the one you used in this video. THANKS!

GuitarCoverZ says:

thanks so much i hav a game today

Garrett Schultz says:

Finally someone explained how to solve balls going off the the right! Golf
pros encourage me to just aim left to compensate for open face, but that
really messed with my consistency. 

Brendan Houghton says:

Watched this vid last night.
Practiced 100 of these shots over the practice bunker this morning ,using
this technique.Only put 5 into the sand. Never will I fear the soft flop
again!! Thanks.

marXman9573 says:

Nice explanation of the sole grind… even the bug understood it

Harry Bishop says:

great help mark ! hx a lot iv always found my ball goes right when doing
the flop shot

jeevan magar says:

yeah it is a nice video with detail explanation about the Golf Lob Flop
Shot Short Game

Sword ofDobar says:

Mark- if you tried that on hardpan or tight fairways don’t you risk blading

mrclembeast says:

Bunker shots?

mrgnakagawahis says:

what happens if your ball is sitting on a tight lie–not a lot of grass? Is
this shot still playable? What do you play if you need to loft it over a

Jim C says:

Would I be able to pull this shot off with a Cleveland CG16 60°. 8°bounce.
The grind doesn’t look the same.

Richard Barker says:

Nice one mark put this into practice yesterday helped get my score down no
end even a few birdies!!!!

Jason Tee says:

Hey Mark, could you do a lesson on Bunker shots from around the green?

Mark Crossfield says:

let me know how you get on.

masterexploder83 says:

fascinating insight! Thanks Mark

Nathan G says:

thanks for posting

Paul Scorer says:

I like your videos, and enjoy listening to what you had to say, but the
shot you was playing was more of a soft chip than a lob shot, but would
love to hear more of what you think about bounce. I personally prefer low
bounce especially in firmer conditions. Is the bounce for standards of a
player? Low bounce for good players, high bounce for average/beginner
players? I can only think of 1 shot where i would like the bounce and thats
in soft thick sand.

JWalk says:

that setup is very similar to what i do out of bunkers

Joseph Bouie says:

as always great info.

stokesalot53 says:

Hey Mark, how about a lesson on different types of bunker shots?

9tube1 says:

Hey Mark, I also play Mizunos and switched from Titleist wedges to the R-12
this season. My 60-degree wedge is the best club in my bag. I play a lot of
flop shots but always aimed left when opening the face to let the toe lie
on the ground. After watching your video I’ll try aiming straight (which I
would prefer) and dropping the hands lower to see if that works for me.
Thanks so much for your wonderful videos. I’ve learned an incredible amount
about my swing by watching your videos.

Ryan Jensen says:

Mark what percentage of my club swing strength should i be using? And what
distance is 60 degree wedge good from?

mcdijnh2 says:

Cool. If it ever stops raining at Bramhall I’ll head to the practice ground
to practice it.

badnewz757cream says:

much love

Seth Pech says:

saw sergio doing this and was wondering why know i know!!

Arman Vaziri says:

i tried it and shanked it into my brother…

Mark Crossfield says:

no problem thanks for watching

FreakiZ says:

on a previous video on this subject I believe he had 4 degrees on his wedge

Liam Flanagan says:

Great video! Mark could you do a video about pre shot routines and any tips
on having a consistent good quick routine please ?

Tha_Nizz says:

You’re the best mark! I’ve improved 10 strokes already since watching your
videos! I’m basically a beginner as I only have one season under my belt, I
started this year at a 115 and am down to a 105. Thanks a lot!

tennisguy96 says:

how much wrist should you be using during chip shots??? I am so confused, I
thought i was doing it right, then I went to my golf pro and he said he
prefers no wrist at all. Then while im watching the pga championship I see
guys using wrist and I am so confused!!! HELP

CallumElliottPGAUK says:

dropping the hands, giving me more accuracy and a hole in one. Thanks for
providing the missing piece to my lob shot, Callum

Inimitable Hill says:

Great video. True guru

Bobby Curtin says:

Wow! Thank you! I always aimed my body left and didn’t do much with the
hands. Can’t wait to try this out.

Ben Quartermain says:

The fly on his t-shirt is really bothering me!

Mark Crossfield says:

hope it helps

Eric Gray says:

Fantastic description as to how to utilize a lob wedge. You mentioned ‘get
the right bounce for your game’. Can you go a bit more into that? What
bounce for what type of player? Thanks

FreakiZ says:

this shot is so hard, the more videos to help the better

Azly Anwar says:

thank you Mark… good pointers given!!

toaster96 says:

WOW. It really works. Never hit my lob shot that nice. Thank you very much.

Mark Crossfield says:

give it a go let me know if you get it to work.

sidecar771 says:


MrRedskinsrock96 says:

There was a bug on your shirt in the start of the video, lol

ruizedan says:

Great tip Mark! I tried this on the course and it worked great. I was using
a 56 wedge. I enjoy your videos very much~

Matthew Barker says:

Just took this lesson to the course yesterday and it helped tremendously. I
was able to play the shorter up-and-down shots better than I’ve ever been
able to and stop the ball. Thanks for posting this!

9tube1 says:

Bensta: I don’t know if Mark reviewed the Mizuno R-12 wedges or not, but as
a testimonial, I played the 52, 56 and 60-degree wedges this season. The
R-12s are the most consistent wedges I’ve ever played. They are forged,
like the MP-32 irons, and if you like that smooth buttery feel around the
green, you’ll love these clubs.

Mark Crossfield says:

i like a low bounce

Stompy77 says:

Like 10 degrees? Or less than that?

Dukesy50 says:

is that cocksmoore woods?

ashook69 says:

In all intent purposes a really good lesson

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