How To Shallow The Club || Best Tips & Drills

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In this video, Adam goes over all the best tips and drills that will shallow your swing. John out student in this video is dealing with a steeper downswing, where the shaft looks like it is going down the lead arm (down the line angle). But what needs to be achieved is a shaft that is running down the trail arm in the down the line angle.

This video offers a solution for any golfer that needs to be more shallow in the golf swing.

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00:00 Session Goals
01:06 How To Shallow
03:03 Swing Analysis
03:56 Trail Elbow
05:35 Downswing Drill
08:39 Lead Wrist
10:30 Neutral Clubface
13:05 Bowed Wrist
14:42 Recap


Porzak Golf says:

Which tip form this video helped you shallow the club the most?? 🏌‍♂⛳

TrevyT says:

Love this one. Its one I am constantly working on, and one that so many people talk about. Everything is always so simple which is what I love about your style of teaching. Thanks for putting that one up.

John Stevens says:

Week in week out the best instruction on the planet. Thanks Adam!! This vid is priceless!

Coble Thurman says:

AP~. So many terrific points clearly explained here…the funny bone/fabric puller tip is my favorite tip. Always so informative & easy to put into place…will rewatch a dozen times, great stuff! Digging your new shades…ct

Will Chulamanis says:

Adam great video. I’ve had issues with my right elbow and a cupped left wrist which causes my club to go across the line as well. Interesting how the two are tied together. One thing I’ve noticed with my swing is the exit plane is really high, like through my neck. I see the pros hands and club come out much lower on the body. When I try to swing more left, the ball hooks left. I’m assuming it’s because my cupped left wrist tries to over release and it ends up flipping. Probably why I stand up too. If you could do a video on HOW to get in the proper body position so the club is able to exit left (on the proper plane) I would appreciate it. Thanks for everything. Great work buddy.

Khabibxtyson says:

best teacher on youtube hands down. For putting do you prefer a little natural hinge or pretty stable wrists?

Tim Deacon says:

Such a great lesson 👏

wadesworld says:

This is huge for me (Wade), Adam. I see a lot of my lesson in there. I've made great strides but this is an awesome reminder of what I need to be drilling.

Chris Munson says:

Best vid yet for the average golfer? I think so. 😀 I like how he hit a "Body draw" from that shallow position without over releasing the clubead. Money!

Black Bear says:

Hands down this is the best golf channel. Sorry I do not share your videos with my friends .

Bill D says:

Great video. The lid on the garbage can is a great thought. You always have these jump out of the chair thoughts in every video. I still can't believe you don't have a millions subs. You will though.

Ken-Scott Leembruggen says:

yes the lower pressure on the inside of the right bicep is the feel, keep that in contact all the way till top of backswing (or just before)

Willi says:

Great session, backswing, downswing, tugged in elbow…sometimes, I see he has chicken wing when follow thru ..just wondering how to fix it?

vetreq says:

adam has so much knowledge about golf it’s insane. so excited to see mason

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