Golf Slice Fix – Part 3 – Check your Swing Path

Golf Slice Fix Part 3 – Golf lesson and golf tips on how your swing path may help explain why you are slicing the ball, especially if it is of the outside-in variety.

► Golf Slice Fix – Video Golf Lesson Summary

Working on the swing path can prove a little trickier than the alignment and the grip strength covered in the previous two parts.

A slice is associated with a swing that is of the outside-in variety and with golfers who suffer from an over the top golf swing error.

Practice making sure you bring the club up to its correct top of the swing position.

Proceed with your downswing but make sure not to start your downswing through a shoulder rotation. Instead, pull your right elbow towards the hips in order to keep the club behind the body.

This will promote a swing path that is more of the inside-out variety and will help you stop slicing.

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