How to Create the Most Mechanically Advantageous Golf Swing

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David, despite playing golf to an already high standard, felt he wasn't using his lower half how he could in his golf swing. Once we made him aware of the low point and how the body could recruit the forces from the ground, his athletic instincts took over!

As always, a huge thanks to David for letting us share his ZEN Golf Mechanics experience with you guys.

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Marcus Bell is a registered exercise professional and sports bio-mechanist but any exercises recommended or suggested in this video are performed purely at the individual's own risk.

17 thoughts on “How to Create the Most Mechanically Advantageous Golf Swing

  1. Marcus …been following since the start came to you from RMW…and had a lesson with you at the start of COVID …is is me or have your lessons changed and developed over the last couple of years because when I came to you it seemed much more the time of left foot right foot and I didn't hear the drop and pop etc…have you just naturally evolved your self and learned more? Or were you always teaching all of this …
    Thinking of coming back up for another lesson…to try and learn some of this stuff…. because as I will tell anyone who will listen it was the best golf lesson I've ever had…..still loving the content?

  2. Fantastic quote, Marcus: "You get into playing a golf swing and not playing golf." This is what's been taught to us, wrongly, for decades. I see so many people on the driving range practicing swing positions and I just shake my head. Since I am not a coach I keep quiet. The last thing anyone needs on a course is an amateur telling them what they're doing wrong. Cheers.

  3. Me too! (Comment about his last statement) Great job explaining how you used to use upper body to try and swing harder. Hope this stays with you onto the course.

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