25 thoughts on “Golf SPEED TRAINING – my training basics to swing over 155mph!

  1. Sup Martin, congrats on your win. I'm thinking of getting this device but unsure what size to get. Do you use the 45" one? I'm 6'2" and 220 lbs.

  2. Really interesting, I will definitely try this. I only play with one arm (right arm, RH play) and I carry around 240 but I am in terrible shape and never worked on speed. I wanna get my body in shape and do this swing speed training, I am curious how far I can push it. I never worked on speed as I was hitting it long enough to GIR everything anyway (just theoretically, by distance i mean.. **ehem, cough cough**).

  3. Started training to get my fitness back after a couple years off training. As a short hitting mid HC I’m going to have some lessons and start speed training also. If golfs my only sport May as well base my training round it ??. Thanks for the content keep up the great work ?

  4. Thank you. I'm almost 60 years old and could use the help. I think I'll use my sand wedge as the swing trainer as I'm on a bit of a budget right now. Cheers.

  5. My only regret is not watching this video months ago! Very informative. I have the launch code overspeed trainer. Definitely going to use the speed pyramid and the one handed warmups

  6. So the way I am understanding the swing is

    Your wrists release the club
    Your body releases your wrists?

    What I think most ameteurs do is

    Try to release the CLUB with their body and ignore their wrists.

  7. Hi Martin. Thanks for the vid. Any chance of a follow up one on which muscles will be good to train with a demonstration please. I am 52 now and swinging it at average 100mph and want to increase to 110mph. I am sure getting the right muscles built up will also assist. Your thought maybe. Regards Shaun

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