Club Speed Training | Rypstick vs. SuperSpeed

Adds 20-30 yards accurate distance

This 8-Minute “Swing Cheat” unlocks 20-30 yards more distance by leveraging a “hidden power joint” you've never heard of:

Watch: 8-Minute “Swing Cheat” That Unlocks 20-30 Yards More Distance

Golfers everywhere are looking for more club speed, which results in more potential distance. One of the most popular training aids on the market to help golfers increase club speed is SuperSpeed Golf's OverSpeed Training. 2nd Swing master fitter Thomas Campbell has showcased the benefits of using SuperSpeed on the 2nd Swing YouTube channel.

New on the market is Rypstick, a club speed training device that originated in Minnesota and includes its own adjustable weighting system to allow golfers to train using different weights with just one stick.

In this video, 2nd Swing's Thomas Campbell and Drew Mahowald showcase the differences between Rypstick and SuperSpeed Golf's club speed training aids.

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Adds 20-30 yards accurate distance

This 8-Minute “Swing Cheat” unlocks 20-30 yards more distance by leveraging a “hidden power joint” you've never heard of:

Watch: 8-Minute “Swing Cheat” That Unlocks 20-30 Yards More Distance

23 thoughts on “Club Speed Training | Rypstick vs. SuperSpeed

  1. I intend to use these at home, so rather then fiddle with the cartridges, I'd rather just pick up a different stick. I'm look forward to starting training this week. (9/19)

  2. Well what can I say, if you have natural swing speed for what ever reason that's fine ,but with most people it's what they feel comfortable with. But for me to swing 10,15 20mph faster feels am not in control its a natural rhythm you can't force its but that's my experience ,either you swing or move naturally fast it won't work its all about control if you can control it.

  3. These systems work. It worked for me. The difficult part for some people will be the consistency of doing speed training 3 times a week. It takes a little while before you start seeing substantial gains so can see why people might stop training.
    For most of my fellow golfers, learn how to swing a club properly first. You will hit the ball further by hitting it straighter. Proper swing path then speed training. Having a 270 yard banana slice is not the ball flight you want.

  4. Doesn’t the swing speed radar documentation say to position it about 45 deg open? So that the front face of the device is staring at your backswing. I think it might be measuring a little inaccurately because of its orientation.

  5. I swing the green superspeed stick at about 130-132mph but my driver only 100-102 on trackman with a ballspeed of 150mph. I have been using a red and two different blue speed radars with similar results. How is it possible you can swing a driver with ball at the same speed as the green stick?!?

  6. I have been using both products + the Superspeed C product. I have been overspeed training for roughly 2 years.

    It has made a HUGE difference with my club head speed throughout the bag. I have notably gained 8-10mph club head speed and 15-20mph ball speed with the driver. Based on recent Trackman data, my average driver speed is 118mph and ball speed is 177mph.

    However, these sticks are not a ‘magic potion’ that will solve your physical swing limitations. If you are not in the right shape, have pre-existing injuries, or other challenges it will take some to adjust swing at much higher speeds than you are accustomed to. Recommend a mobility and training program to support overspeed training to maximize gains and prevent injury.

  7. I had an average swing speed (94-95 mph with the driver) and started super speed training in late Autumn. After 4-5 weeks I had picked up 5-6 mph but it also felt so easy, very much in control and driver dispersion at that speed was excellent. Then lock down hit in the UK and I continued with the training until an icy day when I fell heavily and broke a couple of ribs (nothing to do with Superspeed training and everything to do with my own stupidity). Now healed and am back in Superspeed training (3 weeks in) in time for golf re-opening on April 12th. Should be interesting to see if I kept the speed or even gained a bit. Optimistically I am aiming for 104-105 mph, i.e. a 10 mph overall gain, but more realistically anything over 100 mph consistent would be excellent

  8. Good review, but having used the swing radar I can tell, which is confirmed by this video, that they're just not accurate.
    The number you had with the lightest superspeed stick confirm that, they're way out. If you can swing the driver at 115 then you'd expect 120-130 with the green stick

  9. I know this is off topic, but I will soon be going for some club fittings (driver is the 1st one)…how do I know before hand if a fitter is just selling clubs or if a fitter is actually going to look at my swing and determine if I need a new driver, look at attack angles, etc? Thanks guys for the Videos!

  10. The main point is either speed training system will help you improve your club speed, the same question remains from my standpoint, can you gain more club speed and still keep the golf ball on the planet, ie: fairway your aiming at

  11. I got the superspeed for Christmas and I've been using it since February. Cant wait to see the results. I still prefer the concept of SS because you dont have to stop and change weights during your workout. With SS you just grab and go…

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