3 Months SuperSpeed Golf training – what to really expect

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Fourteen weeks ago I started a golf fitness journey to see how much I could increase my clubhead speed and carry distances by following SuperSpeed Golf Sticks training.

I released an update video at the end of level one SuperSpeed Golf training, documenting my progress from 93mph clubhead speed/220 yards average carry distance, to 100mph clubhead speed/241 yards average carry distance.

Since then I’ve continued my training, completed level two training and moved onto level three training, whilst also incorporating Force Pedals.

I’ve been stuck in a plateau but it’s a SuperSpeed Golf plateau I’m determined to break out of! This video is all about my progress so far, tips to increase your swing speed and what results I’ve seen in increasing my driver clubhead speed and carry distance.

NOTE: I chose to use SuperSpeed Sticks because I’d seen so much about them and having always been a relatively short hitter who hasn’t worked on overspeed training, I thought they looked like an easy place to start.

The video contains my honest feedback on the products and the results that are possible – I’m hoping that it helps others out there.

Since making this video, I've arranged an affiliate link with SuperSpeed Golf. If you're interested in buying SuperSpeed Sticks or a PRGR launch monitor, I'd love you to use this link as it helps me to grown my channel and access new products to review for you. It's totally up to you, I just want to be transparent:


The Force Pedals:

I’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions, tips or info on your own experience with speed training, make sure to leave a comment.

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0:00 – SuperSpeed Golf Initial Results
0:30 – What Clubhead Speed is Needed
1:31 – How to Break the SuperSpeed Golf Plateau
3:28 – ReTesting my Clubhead Speed and Carry Distance
4:16 – My Results after 14 Weeks Speed Training
5:09 – SuperSpeed Golf Feedback

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M Doodie says:

Great progress I would like to give this a go you have been the motivation

jacobfarr17 says:

do you have a link to the radar thing you used?

James Reynolds says:

This is the story that convinced me to buy speed sticks – Thank you, it’s an amazing journey

larrybud says:

Makes zero sense to me to try to achieve a speed through a swing which you wouldn't use on the course.

What your handicap during this time?

Sameer Anand says:

First time watching this channel: great video.

Steve Torley says:

Could you post the make/model of your practice net?

Muska Z says:

Hello! I just bought these clubs. My average swing speed is 129-131 with driver, 185-190 ball speed. I don’t think I really need more speed, but why not 😄 gonna give this a go through winter season.

S OC says:

Good video. Nice easy edit. Good luck in the future. Keep it up! 😉

J. Valadez says:

Great video! Hey, just a tip about your hitting net. Make you put the hitting cloth across it. You will eventually put a ball through the net if you don't have the cloth target on the net. I learned this lesson the hard way! Nylon nets wear out with the sun and the constant impact of the ball.

Codex says:

Brilliant progress Jon, fair play to you, but if you really wanna keep getting quicker and maintain it more easily then try and improve the movement rather than just swing quicker

Captain Nemo says:

This is really interesting. I am a one-handed (right arm, RH play) golfer and I used to have around 80ish mph swing speed when I was 15-25 ish and then I quit golf. Now short before 40, I picked up golf again and got my swing speed up to about 100 mph, which you can imagine, coming from around 80, completely changes the game you are playing. I got a 20 mph increase just from changing the mechanics of my swing and going from an "arm swing" to a legs/torso swing, as obviously my strength isn't 5x higher at almost 40 than it was at 25. Especially not after 15 years of just hanging at the PC and eating junk food. However, seeing how I am already outdriving basically all my friends (most of whom are more muscular and have 2 arms), now I am invested. I want to get into epic shape and use this overspeed regime to push my speed towards 110 ish. I am pretty sure that should be doable. Videos like this are really interesting and motivating to me. I will definitely give it a try!

Kley De Jong says:

Awesome work! I am two weeks into my super speed journey and am also seeing some nice gains!

David haynes says:

jon how long did take to get to that speed, was it everyday 3 times per day please let me know

Patrick Lin says:

Thx for sharing. If you stop, will your distance decrease again?

It’s a Canes Thing says:

Fast/big backswing (needs to be fast).

Then step into lead leg and feel like you are casting the club with your wrists/hands in the downswing. Throw the club.

You will hit new speeds. The wrists are the most overlooked lever to creating speed.

Kid Cuddy says:

Really enjoyed the video John. I'm looking at starting the Superspeed training. My only reservation is whether now, as it's in the middle of the golf season is the right time. What do you think? Is it a risky time to undertake a change like this? Thanks!

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