Does a SWING SPEED trainer really work?

Here I am trying a swing speed trainer for the very first time to see if it really does work, within a few swings it did increase my swing speed and I increased my distance by using it. you have to be careful not to lose toys technique though and its more important to keep good body and arm movement throughout the swing rather than trying to just gain club head speed. I would recommend purchasing one as its a good work out and you will gain distance on your shots.

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8 thoughts on “Does a SWING SPEED trainer really work?

  1. I have a swing trainer similar to this, but I also have the Swing Caddy which I like much better. I love the flexible shaft in the Swing Caddy and the audible “click” you get when you fully release the head. It’s heavier too; you can get a good workout with it if that’s what you’re looking for. I’ve tried a bunch of training aids over the years, and the Swing Caddy is No. 1 in my book.

  2. Interesting Julian, sort of……
    What would be the result if, instead of using the swing trainer, you do the extra swings with an actual club and then analyze the results?
    My guess would be exactly the same improvement.
    Just a thought if you fancy an extra workout

  3. We should get warmed with our own clubs to maintain the the feel of the weight and proper speed, we only need to hit it harder or faster when we need to. Great stuff my friend.

  4. I have always liked the Swing Caddie from the moment I saw it demonstrated by Brian Sparkes and
    After by Julian. What stopped me from buying one was the price.

  5. As an older golfer, I have dropped a bit of distance. I was just looking at this specific trainer since the price is reasonable ($80.00 US) so I may pick it up. I have seen that some folks use it with the heavy to the light then back to heavy then to a regular club. Thanks. Very timely.

  6. Thanks Julian. Enjoyed that video. Would you recommend the swing rite/caddy (I think I saw you use it in one of your older videos) and if so where can I get it in the U.K.? I was thinking of using it more for co-ordination and rhythm rather than swing speed. Thanks ?

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