Golf Swing Basics – The PERFECT Set Up

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Golf Swing Basics – The PERFECT Set Up- in this video we give you a detailed explanation of how every golfer should set up to the golf ball!

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Meandmygolf says:

Great start to the masters so far, some huge names in contention! Who do you think will end the week with the green jacket?👀⛳️ Post your comments down below👇

Robert Johansson says:

Not perfect, will cause knee injury at some point

Brandon says:

Do you arch forward until you feel your weight on the balls of your feet?

simon Goh says:

Set up for the iron & wood is the same

sawy78 says:

I have been actively playing for 7 years and gone through several lessons. Learning these golf swing secrets , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) allowed me to shot a seventy-five after 2 buckets. I was able to become more knowledgeable about many golf ideas such as grip, ball position as well as through swing drills. My handicap is beginning to decrease as well from 13. This tutorial is extremely good!

Pulse2AM says:

I used to wear leather soled golf shoes or rubber soled I found a much more stable feel with those over the new tennis shoe style shoes. They're a little less comfortable to walk the course but a good pair of them well broken in should work.

stickgs says:

Hi guys! Thanks for all your terrific videos that have helped me in many ways. Would you, could you possibly due a review of the DST 8I curved Impact training club that puts the golfer in the perfect impact position, & that many PGA Tour professionals have been using?

Harold Pohoresky says:

Great video and review of set up basics though I have heard to balance the weight over the feet the weight should be over the balls of the feet not exactly the arches as you suggest as arches are further back than balls of the feet. Is the difference significant in your view?

Philip Ross says:

Weight position has a major impact on my game, more weight on my toes and I’ll shank any iron 🥴🙈

David Willacy says:

Great video. Thanks very much for the quality instructions. Could you please let me know what type of net you’re using as I’m pretty much locked down for quite a while so I fancy getting one for my back garden (and my sanity). Thanks very much.

Ayanda Innocent says:

exactly what am working on

Dennis T says:

That would be annoying to hear a train go by all the time😟

Harold says:

Golfing boyfriends nailed it, and eachother. :/

Joe Vladovich says:

Excellent presentation of the basics of setting up correctly. I am filing this in my favorites for future reference if, or shall I say when 😆the “wheels come off” in my swing. Thank you for posting!

PolakMan says:

I’ve never been this early to a video, I’m ready to be YouTube famous. Love you mom!

Tamara Hogan says:

I am getting distracted checking out his lovely backyard.

Austin says:

Twerk ✍️ on the ✍️ range ✍️

This actually seems helpful, I'll give it a try later when I play


Excellent instruction. Simple and precise.

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