GOLF: The PERFECT Setup (Setup In Detail)

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19 thoughts on “GOLF: The PERFECT Setup (Setup In Detail)

  1. Been working with the divot board and for some reason I’m just striking so much in the heel. I wonder if my setup is off where I’m too close to the ball. But the setup feels right going off this video.

  2. Whenever my shots start to stray it’s usually something in my set up that has migrated out of where it should be. Whether it’s ball position, grip, stance, alignment etc. The fundamentals are so important because they are often the cause of some of your problems. The worst thing is you start tinkering with a swing that doesn’t need to be tinkered with!

  3. Just saw this somehow. Jesus, EC, you’ve got like the Murder’s Row of Golf Coaches now, love it! Caught onto Coach Dochety late, couple months ago, he’s great. Currently writing a Blank Check to you for 3-4 Day school with Sieracki, Sales, JT, Braziller (?), Dochety, and the crown jewel- Mary! So awesome man ??

  4. Yes! I found this setup natural for me. When I have gone for instruction in the past the first thing they want to change is my setup, hands more centered and my stance squared. I can do it but this stance/posture is where I am at my best. I appreciate how you bring in other coaches.

  5. I moved away from pre setting after some friends made comments and my game went to trash. After watching think I'm going back to setting up like this

  6. Eric: Love the detail. John had an iron in his hands. Do all the check points apply to driver as well or are there other adjustments to make like stance width, etc?

  7. There are some nuggets in there. However as a whole it's a pretty odd approach I won't go near most of it. Don't think I've ever heard anyone say don't line your feet to target for example and that would have me hooking it like crazy.
    Kinda disappointing as Eric and guests are normally gold.

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