Rachel Drummond Golf Swing Thought for Lag

Increasing lag in your golf swing can improve your swing speed, but the most significant benefit will be enhanced low point control and ball contact.

In this edition of Fix My Fault, LPGA Tour player Rachel Drummond talks to us about why she is working hard on improving her lag and receives a great swing thought to help from Nick Clearwater.

Watch the video and give this swing thought for lag a try the next time you are working on the driving range, trying to improve that ball contact, and adding some distance.

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3 thoughts on “Rachel Drummond Golf Swing Thought for Lag

  1. I mean, she is way better but these are the exact things I struggle with right now (pull straight left or thin it). I feel like I really exaggerate the wrist cock and stay down into the ball longer and it works. Swinging like this feels really bad/odd but the results are good.

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