Golf Swing Extension – How to Release your Arms & Hands after Impact

Golf Swing Extension and Rotation – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to rotate your hands and arms (release) after impact with the golf ball, for consistently straight shots.

Immediately after impact with the golf ball, you should feel as though the golf club extends right down the line of your target. Imagine the golf club is very heavy and how that would straighten and extend your arms away rather than them buckling and wrapping around your body.

► Impact Golf Tips – Video Golf Lesson Summary

– Aiming for a good extension position will ensure a good impact position, since the body tends to prepare itself for what’s ahead.

– Extend the hands away from the body, keeping both arms straight.

– Hands should rotate over naturally, as the club goes around your body and switches over to the left side of your body.

– Your spine angle should still match the one set at address at this point.

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19 thoughts on “Golf Swing Extension – How to Release your Arms & Hands after Impact

  1. Great series of videos. I have one question. Do you need to intentionally rotate your arms so that your right hand is above left hand during extension and finishing process or it happens automatically if you have done earlier step of downswing and impact correctly. To me it is automatic. If I intentionally try to rotate my arms I end up hitting a hook. Thanks to clarify.

  2. I usually dont find so good golf videos that actually improve my game but when I do it is in the end of the season. Great explanation. Makes all swing more stable and powerful.

  3. I tell you what mate I've watched many videos on golf swings through my 30 years of playing this great game,and got down to low single figures ,unfortunately I am on the way up to double digits again , but I can honestly say Your golf swing sequences are the best I have come across, you explain everything so easy ,I can confidently say you have extended my single figure for another 5 year or more .many thanks James.

  4. I found your web site on google and the comment of" keeping your chest pointing towards the ball as long as possible at impact." I went out after work today and hit the straightest golf shots I have hit in 20 years. For the first time my hands and arms were whipping through impact. I have spent lots of money trying to get this extension and now I have it. Thank you very much. Here's the web site for those that are interested but read the text about keeping the chest pointing to where the ball was for as long as possible.

  5. Try as I might the left arm still crumples and bends. A lot of fear in letting it go. So I have now decided to throw arms toward target which I was not doing.

  6. The Trafford golf boys really do put out some of the best golf content on you tube.. just no nonsense easy to follow instructions…you really deserve more credit and subscribers. Thanks for posting these.

  7. You certainly understand the swing quite well and describe the action of extension and release very well. But if I want a drill that helps me to extend properly while hitting balls ..what can I do? Simply rehearsing extension of both arms doesn't seem to filter into my muscle memory – any tips greatly appreciated

  8. Yes, this should translate to your longer clubs fine, I generally find that should exaggerate the drills more with you woods. I hope that helps.

  9. Can you tranlate all of theese drills onto the driver aswell ? I have an "okay" iron-shot for my HCP (hcp33), but my driver/woods slices horribly…

  10. Pigslefats- at full speed the club would start to overtake the chest between the 5 and 3 o'clock positions, but as a practice drill it's quite a nice feeling to stay connected. I hope that helps you.

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