How To Load Lower Body In The Softball Swing [Softball Hitting Mechanics]

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How To Load Lower Body In The Softball Swing [Softball Hitting Mechanics]

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Black Diamond Softball & Fitness says:

The explanation behind the importance of the lower half is incredible.

TruthBearer says:

great Job explaining what should be taught as fundamentals in a swing. This is pretty much what I've always preached as a hitting couch over the last 25+ years (22 in baseball up through College-now girls fast pitch after being pressured into helping out-LOL), however I'd like to point out something else she does fundamentally sound in the upper half that I love, and that's on the load the she has a quiet bat and hands, as well as a "quick to – long through" approach. Loading with a shoulder to shoulder swing and head tracking the ball to contact! front shoulder comes to the chin on load, front plat foot touches down and starts hands, rotation, and ends with back shoulder at chin through contact keeping head still!

Brad Jasnoch says:

Any specific reason you used a lefty instead of a rights? Just wondering.

Spacemon Performance Breakdowns says:

This is fantastic,

What do you say to those that argue “you’re not supposed to turn.” I hear it regularly from parents of softball players that have been given this idea that to do this will disrupt timing.

Mac B. says:

Love the 'top' analogy. Makes more sense than starting hip rotation from a standstill.

Luc LeBlanc says:

What are your thoughts a pigeon toe to the front leg to help remind young hitters to load the hip inwards vs a "flat" back weight load?

Luc LeBlanc says:

Stumbled upon this gem. As a former baseball player now a softball hitting coach I truly appreciate how you present the mechanics. Subscribed!

Herbie says:

As a fellow "LOAD" Dad, I thank you for this video!

Darla Palombo Class of 2023 says:

Great info. Matt what do you think of my swing?

Vince Brown says:

Can you do a break down of Jocelyn Alo's swing also? Thanks!

Joanne Kerr says:

You really know what you’re talking about but the back legs should be an anchor not an engine

Dottieman says:

I have a softball game today and I am kind of bad at loading so thank you for making this video😁

T Smiley says:

As a former “I played for like 2 yrs” momma to a now 9yr old with way more interest and aptitude than I ever had… thank you for these videos. It really helps her to see these concepts in action and me to explain why the mechanics make a difference in a way she understands.

Travis Price says:

Is this bad on your knees?

Brooke Bagneschi says:

I am in a hitting slump rn. I keep lunging forward to the ball. i watched this video and i’m going to try this tomorrow i think it will rly help me thank you

D Lee says:

Sami Reynolds is 5'4" with a petite build. She busted my belief that HR hitters have to be big, tall, and muscular. Nevertheless, I'm still in awe when she hits a HR bomb.

b..e..ll.a says:

My coach wanted me to watch this and I actually found it pretty helpful. I’m one of the power hitters on my team. I think this is going to help me with my loading and the power in my back leg.

Eric C says:

Smoosh not swish! lol

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