Golf swing speed and when to slow down and how to hit longer drives are golf questions coaches get daily. Talking golf swing speed and showing the crazy results and crazy ball speeds Coach Lockey gets from his golf swing speed hopefully can show you where your golf game could improve. Increasing golf ball speed and club head speed might be easier than you think. With the help of Steve Buzza and his University research Steve shares where Coach Lockey can see huge gains in his golf game if he can let go of some of the emotional issues all golfer have. The secret to long drive in golf might be a s simple as changing your golf practice and committing to some real hits on the golf course.
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  1. When you are surrounded by trees/bunkers/water, how do you get out of "steer" mode? this is unfortunately ingrained in my head, i have the full swing yips. i want to mentally feel like i can smash it AND hit it straight, but mentally it just doesnt happen

  2. By far one of the best vids ever! Super. Impressive study, who would have thought going top speed would be so beneficial even to find fairways. A ma zing thks!

  3. I think that often short hitters try to speed up by throwing their bodies at the ball, which leads to all sorts of mishits. So they go back to slower. It helped me to think that speeding up my swing was about speeding up my club head. Strangely this makes me feel that I am slowing down everything else. So for many short hitters (certainly me) it’s about focussing on club head speed through impact and not ‘swing speed’.

  4. had a driver test at a shop last year… the promo guy saw my first ten shots and said "I believe you can go faster than that, gimme all you got", increased swingspeed about 5-8 mph AND increased accuracy by more than 50%… my mind was blown… (Titleist promo guy BTW :-P)

  5. Great video, with interesting conclusion. The problem is that for those of us who don't have perfect swings it all goes pear shaped when we try to hit the ball hard. For me a smooth swing, that feels gentle, carries the ball 220 to 240. When I try for maximum distance I end up with a 50 yard slice.
    Can't wait to try this out on the range. I will persevere.

  6. I think people confuse tempo with speed. I know I do. I think I swing best when my tempo is spot on. When my tempo is out usually a bit faster that's when I'm hitting all sorts. How about a video on this Mark?

  7. I used the fireball idea this morning in the practice range. Hit different coloured balls so I would be sure. Found it very enlightening same results as Matt , better going for it at least 20 yards improvement. One or two off line but no major difference to the slower swing. Great video keep em coming! Need to remember fireballs again for next practice

  8. I’ve heard some of the top players say at a young age they just tried to hit it far. I think Nicklaus gave that advice as well because it’s hard to teach swing speed the older you get.

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