Golf Swing Takeaway – One Piece Takeaway and On Plane Backswing by Herman Williams, PGA

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Learn the Golf Swing Takeaway from PGA Golf Professional Herman Williams as he demonstrates how to make the perfect one piece takeaway for an on plane backswing. Herman reveals the common mistakes most amateurs make in the takeaway that lead to further swing plane errors in the golf backswing. And he shows you a few popular misconceptions that you still see in modern golf instruction.

Some of these common takeaway problems are the old “low and slow” sweeping the golf club back inside which gets the club off plane almost instantly. Then there is “fanning the clubface open” … even a “toe up” position half way back is too open. And lastly, picking the club up to the outside. All of these takeaway mistakes send the club off plane and compound into further backswing problems at the top of the swing. Naturally, the transition to the downswing will be more difficult as a result, and impact will suffer as well.

So the secret to developing efficiency and repeatability in the swing is to start the golf swing takeaway online, going straight back and in one piece. Watch a good player like Tiger Woods and notice the width and on plane extension in his takeaway. Tiger works hard to stay on plane as it is so much more efficient.

Another key distinction to be made about the golf takeaway is the clubface position at the waist-high point half way back. Most golf instruction has this position incorrect, describing the “toe” of the club as pointing straight up. Herman Williams is known for the detail in his online golf lessons, and this video is no exception as he pinpoints the exact clubface position you should expect to be in at the waist-high backswing position. The clubface in a proper one piece takeaway will appear slightly “closed” with a 10-15 degree tilt downward toward the golf ball. This is just one of the many valuable nuggets you'll get from watching Herman go through the entire armswing motion for the golf backswing.

Also in previous videos from Herman Williams, he has talked about the perfect golf setup and the importance of a neutral grip and flat left wrist to make the correct backswing. Today's golf swing takeaway video adds important related details to help further understand how the swing actually starts with a cupped left wrist but ends up with a flat left wrist. In the proper setup and takeaway, the cupped left wrist is maintained until the waist-high position, and then Herman teaches how to finish the backswing as the lead arm rises and rotates the club on plane and the wrist hinges into the “flat left wrist” position at the top.

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Flat left wrist in golf swing:

How to stop coming over the top:

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40 thoughts on “Golf Swing Takeaway – One Piece Takeaway and On Plane Backswing by Herman Williams, PGA

  1. The best backswing video on YT bar none! The one arm push drill did wonders
    for my takeaway. I did 20 left arm drills and then added my right arm and
    everything was so easy and smoth. I will still do the 20 rep left drills
    every morning till further notice. Further more your explanation about
    rotating the forearm and hinging the wrist was so perfect.

    I cant thank you enough! 

  2. Your video was recommended to me, and you emphasise the same points my PGA
    teacher showed me. Today on the range using this takeaway, I started
    hiittng it straight and no more shanks.

  3. Hi Herman
    I love your takeaway video which I have adopted into my swing.
    My practise swing looks great in the mirror but when I put the ball down I
    get too quick and start to rotate early and get really flat on my
    backswing. Do you have any drills that ensure I fully complete the takeaway
    before I start folding and rotating.

    Many thanks Alan

  4. Hello Herman, thanks for that great video that I have watched over and
    over. It helped me tons. I can good contact with the ball and get the
    distance, however I cannot do the transition to step 2 which is the left
    forearm roll over together with hinging the wrist. I reckon if I manage to
    do this part correctly I could get a few more yards to my strike. Did you
    have any experience on other students facing the same difficultly and what
    is a perfect drill for that? Thanks a lot.

  5. Thank you. Can’t believe how many teachers say the club should point
    straight up during the backswing. I did that for decades and could never
    figure out what I was doing wrong.

  6. as usual, very detailed and nice teachings, Herman! Perhaps you can put a
    link for people that overswing on their top of back swing in relation to
    this video.

  7. Keeping the toe hooded on the back swing is the most GOLDEN piece of info!
    I battled a slice all winter and my iron game is awesome again due to a
    friend pointing out my face was wide open and taught me the proper
    form…it almost “feels” like your rolling your right wrist to the left as
    you begin the backswing (for righties)….anyway cheers!

  8. Very thorough and practical without being overly technical. Covered main
    bases of the takeaway from address to waist high, then from waist to top of
    the swing. Great way to show wrist rotation at top of swing.

  9. Hi mate , I would say the three critical points for me being a right hand
    golfer, are the left arm over my chest in the set up, then the pushing away
    of my left hand on the take away and the most helpful part was how you
    explained about the left forearm rolling over and the wrist pushing down in
    backswing,I have always had a struggle with that transition and you just
    explained it perfectly it’s changed my hole swing and what’s awesome about
    it is that it loads my hips and makes me feel like I can clear
    automatically .

    Can’t thank you enough

  10. I’m going to say one thing: Great, but. What’s the ‘But’? It’s simply that
    you don’t perform the takeaway for the camera as you would perform it in an
    actual swing. You won’t look at the club head in a normal takeaway, so
    please don’t do it in a video. I want to see how your head is almost
    independent of your chest rotation.

  11. Thanks for this video. You’re clearly an excellent teacher and
    communicator. I’ve watched many of your videos and you are more clear and
    precise than others I have found.

    I’m an “analytical golfer” (because I started late I think) and I think too
    much. I’m having trouble with the “two step move” to rotate my left
    forearm. It feels much more natural to me to start rotating early (on the
    take away), but that produces the “inside sweep away” you said not to do.

    Why is the timing so important on the rotated left arm? Thanks.

  12. As always, excellent instruction. Detailed but not confusing. I love you
    already know the questions you’ll get so you answer them ahead of time.
    Nice job!

  13. Thank you lots and lots,I am fourteen years old and before I would struggle
    taking it to the outside or too much around me, but after watching this and
    hitting the range, I was finally able to shoot my best round of 68, hitting
    my driver and irons straight as an arrow. I will keep up with your

  14. I just wish all of the ‘What not to do’ could be edited out. Otherwise

    So much instruction is spent endlessly speaking about what not to do that
    it almost ends up having the opposite affect.

  15. Nobody has ever explained the second move into the top of backswing like
    you just did!! Why won’t others explain that 2nd part? Thanks so much as
    now I can finally get on plane!!

  16. Good explanation. I keep seeing videos on “vertical wrist cock” but as you
    pointed out you cannot get on plane with a vertical wrist cock. Keeping
    the arms connected to the shoulders/body with a left hand push keeps you on
    plane up to waist high….then simply rotate your left forearm with a
    little wrist cock and allow your shoulders to complete the backswing. Easy
    to understand.

  17. Thanks for this video. I watched it and today got my left arm over my
    chest. The results were amazing, especially on my drives. For the first
    time in forever, I was able to hit the ball hard without fear and I
    actually broke 80. What sort of bugs me is that I have paid a lot of
    money for lessons over the years, and no one ever spotted this issue.
    Thanks, again!

  18. New Golf Swing Takeaway video ready. It’s got all the details you want from
    setup to top of backswing. Check it out now and be sure to like and
    comment. Thx – Herman

  19. hi Herman,i would just like to ask are you teaching the one plane swing?it
    looks like it,iam just getting my head round after 7years of play what i
    need to ignore,and what to take onboard..ive decided to go down the one
    plane swing route and stick with thanks for your time and keep up
    the very good work.

  20. As always Herman, a superb explanation of the take away, clear as a bell.
    There seems to be a problem with the back drop though. Looks like you were
    superimposed on a screen, and a lot of the time I couldn’t see the shaft of
    your club. Good to see you passing on your thoughtful tuition again, thank

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