GOLF: The Most Common Fault I See In The Golf Swing – Use Your Forearm Rotation Wisely

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The Most Common Fault I See In The Golf Swing
Use Your Forearm Roll Wisely

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I’ve been wanting to do a video to simplify the concept of forearm roll – which is, in fact, the most common fault I see in the golf swing.

When you swing a golf club, you only have one opportunity to have forearm roll or forearm rotation. You will either do it on the way back or coming down. In this video I explain how forearm roll in your backswing can lead to issues later and why you want to make sure to save that move for your downswing.

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Robert Osborne says:

Concise, cogent, and to the point. I know a lot of golfers that should watch this short video. Well done!

Leonard Dzubow says:

To a previous question of mine, you replied there has to be some forearm roll on the backswing- on this one you teach there should be none. Without any forearm roll on the backswing the club face is completely closed at the top. Don't you mean we should not overdo forearm roll rather than have none?

wskripka1 says:

Confused . Seems like the forearm roll should occur slowly to the top of the swing and delayed until in the hitting area . I can't follow you on this one . Thanks

benjamin fletcher says:

Eric like you're content, but this one's confusing.
There has to be rotation of the right forearm opening to allow right wrist hinge, which will also help the right shoulder externally rotate so the club can set at the top. (Waiters tray feel at top)
If there is not arm rotation the right shoulder will internally rotate & the right wrist will hinge (cock) very late, plus right elbow will flying.
This pattern of takeaway will promote a swing like a Jim Furyk, with a massive re-route in transition. (Over the plane, under the plane)

Howie Karasick says:

That's a wonderful tip I never realized where the club tag was with rolling my arms well good. If I may make a suggestion just a suggestion you can throw it in the wastebasket after I make it nevermind it's it's not nevermind

Steve Bright says:

So true….I watch every one of your videos. Keep up the good work!

Marcus Dantinne says:

Great video Eric. I've had this problem for 20 years. There are some easy takeaway drills that will dramatically improve the backswing. I wish you could of introduced some but that's ok. ? keep making videos good sir

Orlando R. Piedra says:

One of your best lessons young man. From an old teacher, well taught.

John Jacquay says:

This seems to conflict with the "right hand video" where you want to have the right hand bend backwards … don't these two video instructions conflict ?

Dave says:

Perfectly clear instructions; however, when I do this, two things happen. I tend to miss left (pull draws), and strike starts to really suffer. I get out on the course and tend to revert back to old ways. Any suggestions?

Chris Harvey says:

Great explanation looking forward to trying this on the weekend!

Tony Payne says:

Great advice Eric, makes complete sense. Does the early forearm roll lead to across the line at the top? I’ve been trying to fix that for some time.

Bob Kuralowicz says:

I picked this up from one of your earlier videos. Best tip I've ever gotten. Huge change in strike and path. No more "fade" (we'll call it a fade). A game changer.

C. Shawn Carr says:

If I roll early in backswing and maintain a shallow angle on downswing, how necessary is this?

John George says:

Ledbetter A swing

topgolf h says:

I have an inside takeaway like you explain but my clubface is closed. If I stop the roll it makes my club more hooded. How would I stop this

David Lawrence says:

Great perspective! It sounds like that late forearm roll just happens (it’s not a conscious thing)?

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