GOLF: The One Thing All Good Ball StrIkers Do In Their Golf Swing

The One Thing All Good Ball Strikers Do In Their Golf Swing

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Over 90% of golf shots that are hit end up short of the target. Most amateur golfers miss short and to the right because they have a club face that is too open and/or has too much dynamic loft.
The one thing good players do in their swing is they have less dynamic loft and they have a club face that is not open. They do that in their swing by having a lot of lead arm or left arm supination.

Almost all good players that I've worked with, especially younger players and juniors as they grow up, have struggled with hitting a hook. I think training yourself to hit a hook and over hook in the beginning is going to be a good idea. You need to learn to get the club face closed to the path and learn to get the club working too far inside out. I don't care if you have a little early extension or your foot work doesn't work perfect or your wrist conditions aren't perfect. You need to create a ball pattern and get the face close to the path consistently.

All good golfers close the face and they lower the dynamic loft. If you do the arm rotation and start to add a little body rotation, it starts to look perfect.

You need arm rotation no matter what you do. Where the club face is at last parallel is going to dictate your release pattern and how much turning it down and left wrist flexion you do or don't need. Almost all good players have fought a hook, so if you're afraid of hitting a hook, you're afraid of getting good. Learn how to hit the ball solid, low and left first and add rotation later.

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22 thoughts on “GOLF: The One Thing All Good Ball StrIkers Do In Their Golf Swing

  1. Absolutely fantastic, golfing more years. When started flipped hands and then went with the modern don't. This is great. Have another golf subscription that says a lot the same but not as blunt. This is so spot on I tweeted it out to my friends. Probably first tweet in more than 6 months. That is how much I liked. Thank you for the blunt and straightforward reminder that rotation of the left arm is important.
    Oh, forgot to say, played college golf, probably not good enough but did so not just hacker. This was amazing reminder. Thank you

  2. Eric,

    Nice new intro! You are without a doubt the best instructor on YouTube, I refer your videos to many of my golf buddies because your explanations are fantastic and you personally saved my short game. Thank you for that! While I realize this instruction is for the masses while this is great for those who are learning I think it is a bit misleading to what the best players actually do in the follow through. As a former mini tour player (took 6 years off and been chasing my golf swing ever since), someone who plays with pros at all levels, and scratch golfer who misses long left (extremely frustrating) almost every tour swing I see these days and top ball strikers have lag tension at impact but immediately goes to full lead wrist flexion by hip high in the follow through as opposed to lead wrist facing the ground. You can especially see this when they hit short to mid irons. I have actually heard you mention this in many of your videos and really hoping you would discuss this release more in videos maybe for better players. I am happy to be wrong or have the wrong imagine in my head with what I am trying to accomplish in a release (exact issue with my short game). I would love to hear your thoughts and open to offline discussion, video lesson, or please post videos on this release. Would love to see a series for better players and more advance topics like when weight shift back to the target should actually start during the back swing. We could use here in Texas (DFW), we play golf all year round. :). Anyway keep up the excellent instruction!



  3. Great video! It's funny how we can sometimes think we hit it so far, but everytime I think I'm taking one club more than I need, I end up in perfect shape on the green.

  4. One of the hardest things to grasp as a hacker is that I seldom carry a 7 iron 170 yards unless it's pulled 30 yards left lol. Nice reminder and great tip. You are excellent!

  5. Less face rotation is better. Open up, play the block, and the you are going to hit hooks. Then you will understand why blocking it is not great trying to solve that.

    I agree that beginners should have a storng grip and hit death hooks first.

  6. when i started golf doing the right shot , but now after 20 years im hooking like mad so iv now working on body rotashion and the right sholder dill you did a few days a go . it had work . but getting there slowly

  7. Brilliant and clear as always, Eric.
    Please correct me, but I have this tendency to flip and I think at least my issue is , when coming to impact the intention to hit at the ball slows the movement of the arms down, almost stops it, so the club overtakes to early. In this case only the WRISTS rotate instead of the arms. Therefore an intention of just swinging the arms fluently through impact let the arms rotate naturally because the weight of the club.
    In opposite the drive and hold has to happen conciously to restrain this rotation.
    Am I wrong? Regards from Germany.

  8. I think that's what's getting a lot of players in trouble. All you hear is passive face through impact, trying to square it up with rotation.

  9. Yes! Forearm rotation. I start rotating my forearms in reverse right at transition into downswing. This allows me to rotate them back into impact and beyond. My misses used to be to the right (as a left-hander) Recently I've flattened a couple of my wedges 2 degrees and now I hit much straighter with less misses to the right. Eric's videos on how the wrists work are excellent on getting better strikes and even more distance.

  10. Hmm, I have been trying to hit my balls straight all these years but I am small in built about 130 pounds at 5 foot 4.5 inches so I need distance and tried all sorts of ways to get extra distance hitting straight balls but was not really successful. I also tried drawing the ball to get more distance but was also not so successful in getting a good consistent baby draw- perhaps mainly because I did not supinate my left arm the way you do.I am going to do draws using the way the left arm is rotated as shown by you in my next practice. Wish me luck. Thanks for the video and good instructions.

  11. Up until maybe a year ago did I ever see a video or read an article that mentioned that left arm rotation. Watching the slow motion swing…it looks like the right hand that's doing all the rotation. You're right ….it will eliminate the flip. Thanks

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