The Purest Golf Course On Tour?? Under Par Passport – Oman

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In this Under Par Passport video we travel to Oman for a camel ride, swimming in the wadi, play on potentially the purest golf course on tour and throw in a little night golf!

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Douglas Robertson says:

Another good one and wanted it to go on longer. What did the oryx castles look like inside and did you manage to slide down the dune? Looking forward to the back nine video.

James Barton says:

What’s the opening song Pete?

Rodney Mounsey says:

Fantastic looking place, amazing golf course, thanks Pete.

Darren Storey says:

Peter you are one lucky bugger that course looks phenomenal m8 so so envy lol

Mark Derby says:

Great video Pete the place looks amazing?⛳?️‍♂️

Michael Libert says:

I wanna go!

Sp!cyman says:

I've driven through Oman, bottom to nearly the top. No golf I'm afraid but beware the creepy crawlies! They are everywhere!

Joshua Marvin says:

You're out here living you're best damn life and I couldn't be happier for you man!!

Abdullah Al Mahrouqi says:

Glad you liked it, you should give it another visit and I'll give you some of the hidden gems 😉

Patrick Scribner says:

Awesome video Mr. Finch, I love to see how Golf can transcend cultural boundaries and expose us to completely different experiences. Course looks top notch too! ?

Richard Wales says:

Looks as dry as my backyard, here in Sydney…lol

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