Unlock your Rotational Power – The Modern Golf Swing

Advanced PGA Golf Professional and PhD in Movement Science, Dr Noel Rousseau explains how golfers can better realize their athletic ability in their swing. Creating more power and speed with much less effort. This is the modern golf swing.

9 thoughts on “Unlock your Rotational Power – The Modern Golf Swing

  1. "get the club into position…" can't we just "let" it get into position? There's no controlling it, so can't we just let centrifugal force and inertia work for us without overthinking it? Natural forces create mechanics; they aren't manipulated into place with any effectiveness. Anyway…

  2. So you are saying that speech of the club is provided by rotating the body. I don't agree. Speed comes from the arms and hands. The body rotation comes after.

  3. i've been working hard on trying to do a more rotational swing and i think i have the body action correct but at times i hit blocks out to the right so i have to get the hand action better.

  4. This is called a stable release just like DJ the roll release is more powerful but less accurate i have tried both i score better with the stable release but lose about 20yrds

  5. Thank you for rasing this Alex. I can only say that I have consulted with a top golf biomechanic on this and the view is that spine rotation and elastic recoil is perfectly healthy. The traditional swing where the spine goes into extension and lateral bend at the same time caused me to have considerable back pain. It is more about HOW the spine rotates than how much or how fast.

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