GOLF: Three Main Reasons You Get Steep In Your Downswing

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Three Main Reasons You Get Steep In Your Downswing

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When I'm referring to steep during the downswing, what I'm really referring to is the shaft. If the shaft gets very vertical, or pointed straight up and down, that would be what I mean by steep.

When you do a backswing and takeaway the more horizontal the shaft on the way back, the more vertical it's going to be on the way down. The opposite of that is also true. If you go back and get the shaft more vertical going back, that means you’re going to be able to get it more horizontal coming down. So if you're steep during the downswing, and I'm saying to you, you need to do the opposite of that earlier. To change you would want to get the shaft going more vertical going back. So it goes horizontal down. You don't want horizontal early. That's going to lead to vertical down.

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We posted a video about two drills to get rid of those things during the takeaway. ( We had a stick on the club that would ride down the leg to fix that. I also had a tee drill where I put the tee in the butt of the club and I wanted to feel that t run into my legs.

The second reason is pulling your hands down from the top, holding your arms and hands from the top of my swing. What you want to avoid is is pulling my arms and hands down.

A lot of people come in and they think, hey, I'm going to pull my arms towards the target or from this side I'm going to pull my hands and arms down. But, if you go up to the top of your swing, the more you pull your arms and hands down the more the shaft gets vertical.

But, if you just held the club from the top and you started to turn your body towards the target, what would the shaft do naturally? It would lay down and we'd go towards horizontal. You want to avoid pulling the shaft from the top. That's the point here.

The third reason you get steep in transition is the combination of the left wrist being cupped and the clubface being too open. Where your clubface is in space dictates so many other things. You could fix 90% of swing flaws by fixing the clubface. If you go to the top and have neutral wrist conditions. As you start down, if you were to cup the lead wrist or extend the lead wrist, what does that do to the shaft? The more you cup your left wrist, the more you extend your left wrist, the more vertical the shaft is during the downswing and probably the worst you're going to hit it.

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Fortunately, the opposite is also true. If you have a shaft on a given angle and you were to bow or flatten out that lead wrist, what does that do to the shaft? It takes it from its angle and it actually flattens it out.


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Bart Neighbors says:

I love your videos! You are amazing!! It is just so hard to retrain my mind to stop throwing my hands and rotate. I will keep battling!! Thanks for all you do!

Will Backes says:

In my opinion one of the main reasons golf is dying and or nearly dead is because teachers can't communicate clearly. I have no idea if this lesson is going to help me but you explain things so easily. Many many of your fellow teachers don't. You guys need to learn to talk and communicate in a much different way to the average golfer or this sport is doomed. Talk to us like we have never hit a golf ball and we are three years old. Because that is the skill set of 90 percent of the golfers out there on the weekend. I could fill up 2 buses full of people that take lessons that barely help if at all.

BTW i'm a super inside guy on the way up and now i know why i'm so steep. Now fixing it is another task. But here is the frustrating part. I'm very fit, athletic, young 40's and spend time working on golf and I still only score in the high 80's because i'm a hacker most of the time. Anyway, don't change a thing with the way that you teach. You rock !!!

shreekanth nagaraj says:

Amazing explanation ?

Brandon Hoffman, 803 Home Sales Team says:

Great video, as good as any explanation I've seen. I could relate to language about the horizontal backswing producing a vertical downswing and also not pulling the hands down. This has been my problem at times.

Joey Arrazolo says:

Hey Eric,

If you are leaving your arms up, when do you engage them?

I have never understood this concept in the downswing.

Steve Bell says:

Revisited this video to reaffirm I was cupping my wrist again. Great video as usual ?

John T says:

How about one more reason. Moving head in front of ball.

Scott DeGregorio says:

Eric, what is the mechanical move that helps get the shaft vertical on the backswing? Is it simply hinging the wrists? Or the right elbow? Can you please do a video on this?

James K says:

Yet again another great, simplistic and actionable video. Subscribed!

Daniel Smith says:

Basically we are to do everything most modern teacher are saying ? pump drill and so on. Great video again.

scott jamieson says:

This makes sense and works. Thanks

쨘. says:

3:50 a guy behind, on the tee box has a beautiful golf swing ??

echang9477 says:

Very good video…Excellent! straight to the point and very clear… you are the best golf instructer on YouTube… keep the videos coming…

Giovanni Segnini says:

do you have italians origin?
i like your videos
very simple very clear
from italy

MegaBroony .Broon says:

Eric you need to give that guy in the background a lesson! Ps Ref the Malaska comments- NONE of the worlds best players do what Malaska advocates on the downswing.The key is to shallow but not let the HANDS fall or loop behind you.People need to watch T Woods DTL with an iron- no Malaska theory there!!

Deplorable Des says:

Hi Eric
Another great video, love me some GG, cheers. Do you put some bow in the left wrist in transition, or just swing from neutral?

cyuiyu wyguiyui says:

When you learn to drop the club the right way,you will NEVER ever want to go back..
Been rolling the shaft too far inside for way too long Plus starting the downswing in the wrong order.My pro tells me exactly what you are saying.
Another GOLD video.Keep it up !

MisterDaveB says:

Good vid. We’ve (golfers generally) been told to pull on the chain/pull the hands down to get them back on plane for years. Secondly we’ve been told to hold onto lag in the downswing, and by the way a cupped left wrist feels more powerful and feels as if wrist cocked more so you can see why people confuse that feeling. For some people these feelings worked I.e. Sergio pulling on the chain, but not for everyone. I think you are right Eric in that these things are related and someone might pull the hands down and also cup the left wrist. Which is why it’s hard to fix. They try to fix the steepness by not pulling down but still have a cupped left wrist – so they assume that the swing thought isn’t working and try something different.

Desmo Twin says:

Really enjoy your style Eric, let me know if you're ever in the Seattle area and have nothing better to do than teach someone some golf. Thanks for the ideas and keep up the good work.

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