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LEARN TO COIL FOR BETTER GOLF SHOTS, Mark Crossfield is talking golf swing and helps another LUNCH TIME FIXER with his turn and coil. Learn how to coil your body for improved golf shots and better ball striking.Making your golf swing more coiled with stronger movements that could help you hit better tee shots and better irons. For simple and easy to follow golf tips, golf lessons follow Mark's YouTube channel for daily free golf videos for all golfers.

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Adam Mcintyre says:

Cheers mark, 2 years old and still helping us golfers trying to improve our game. Some nice simple drills to try at home as the nights draw in. 👌🏼🏡

Keith Lindsay says:

I have exactly these problems so your advice will be put into practice asap. Thanks Mark. I always think your videos are clear and to the point.

Satchmo Dog says:

I was swinging next to this guy a few weeks ago at rhe range who took his practice swings just fine. His issue came during his swing. He would lift his left foot completely off the ground like a baseball player and widen his stance by a good 25%. The net was his constantly topping the ball. When he did connect he crushed the ball or sliced horribly. I tried getting him to keep that foot either flat, or swing like me and use it as a fulcrum the old jack, hogan and sneed style. Nope, he knew what he was doing and wanted no advice. Whatever man. It would be one thi g if he was getting the ball ove the 300 sign, but he wasn't. I think the big ox had dreams of being a long driver. Lol, no

Carl Incledon says:

Brilliant, as always

Anders Christian Hald Pedersen says:

Been playing football all my life, where i learned to allways be on my toes, just recently i discovered this… In my setup, my weight is still on my toes, when i started to cerrect this, wow a whole new game appeared !

Mr E says:

Which app are you using to review the swing and draw with overlays?

Daniel Hastings says:

doesn't a raised left heal help hip and therefore shoulder turn? Canni turn the shoulders without the knees/hips

ad mobile4 says:

Burn those shorts.

lawlerdaboi says:

That Jumper is a quality fit mate 👌

Sumit Aggarwal says:

Too much body part thinking. This guy is focused on the ball as target which is why the swing is screwed up

9tube1 says:

Great drills Mark. I tend to sway instead of coil. Even though I know this, I simply can't stop, and it has thrown my game into total disarray. These drills could prove to be my long sought after solution. Thank you.

Big Appa says:

Hi Mark, great video! I play at a 5 hdcp (US) and have always struggled with movement in my left foot through impact and follow through as it splays out toward target (right handed). It usually leads to a follow through left and balance issues. Left foot print usually does more damage to the turf than my divot :/ I assume the cause to be lack of mobility in my hips, thighs but I also have “duck feet” that naturally turn out. Any elaboration you can offer for stability, mobility drills?

Adolfo Zayas says:

Great drills. At the range I actually practice shoes on but untied. Forces me to stay relaxed with my feet

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